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We have just confirmed that Buckeye Firearms Association will sponsor an amicus brief in the upcoming U.S. Supreme Court Case, New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Corlett.

And we need your help IMMEDIATELY!

It has been 13 years since the court ruled in D.C. v. Heller that the Second Amendment protects the individual right to have a gun in the home for self-defense.

The case of McDonald v. City of Chicago followed two years later, finding that this individual right is enforceable in the states.

We submitted briefs in both of these cases, with one cited by Justice Samuel Alito in the final opinion for the McDonald case.

Now the court will finally take up a case to decide if the Second Amendment also protects the right to carry a gun outside the home.

This case may prove to be another landmark decision that could change the future of gun rights. And YOU can play a role in this historic event!

Facts of the Case:

The state of New York requires a person to show a special need for self-protection to receive an unrestricted license to carry a concealed firearm outside the home.

Robert Nash and Brandon Koch challenged the law after New York rejected their concealed-carry applications based on failure to show "proper cause." A district court dismissed their claims, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit affirmed.

Question to be Decided:

Does New York's law requiring that applicants for unrestricted concealed-carry licenses demonstrate a special need for self-defense violate the Second Amendment?

In plain English, The Heller and McDonald cases confirmed that individuals have a right to "keep" arms. The upcoming case seeks to confirm that individuals have a right to "bear" arms.

You and I know what the Second Amendment says and what it means. But bringing these cases to the court and generating decisions hammers these ideas home and gives guidance to lower courts and to lawmakers all over America.

The effect of a Supreme Court ruling can be breathtaking.

Before the Heller case, for example, it was common for gun control advocates to argue that the Second Amendment is a "collective" right, not an individual right that each American should enjoy.

But after the ruling, everything changed. And today nearly everyone recognizes gun ownership as an individual right. Even the most brazen gun control advocates are forced to acknowledge this fact.

It changed the entire gun control debate and affects every court decision and every law in every state.

New York State Rifle & Pistol Association Inc. v. Corlett will be argued in the fall of this year, with a decision expected sometime in 2022.

And the decision in this case could be equally far-reaching. But to get a good decision, the justices need to work with good information.

And that's where amicus briefs play a vital role.

While the attorneys will argue their case before the court, advocates on both sides of this issue will submit amicus or "friend of the court" briefs. Each brief will address a specific topic advocates believe the justices should consider in their ruling.

Buckeye Firearms Association will have 4 attorneys working on our brief to provide a highly specific set of facts and legal citations crucial to the case. Preparing the brief is exacting and often expensive work.

Because these documents will become part of the historic record of the United States Supreme Court, they must be written, formatted, printed, and submitted according to a set of rules and specifications.

Much of this work is being donated by the attorneys, but there are certain costs we must pay for. And that's where YOU come in.

We're asking for you to help us cover these costs with your generous donation. And because the deadline for submitting the brief is just weeks away, we need your donation today.

Any amount will help, whether it's $500 or $50 or even just $5.

We are profoundly lucky to have such a loyal and generous supporter base. And we prefer to raise funds through events, memberships, book sales, and other things. We don't come to you very often with our hand out.

But this is a special project that affects more than just Ohio's 4 million gun owners. This is a historic moment that will have a direct impact on every gun owner in America.

In fact, it's really about protecting every American's Second Amendment rights, whether they currently own a gun or not.

So I'm asking for your support. Do what you can to help us in this vital effort. Every dollar you donate will go directly to this amicus brief. And if we're lucky enough to raise more than we need, we'll add those dollars to our general fund for other Second Amendment projects.

Thank you in advance for your loyalty and support. We have made history twice in the U.S. Supreme Court. With your help, we stand a good chance of doing it yet again.

P.S. Just in case you're not aware of our history, Buckeye Firearms Association boasts many legislative and legal accomplishments over the past two decades. Click here to see a partial list.

And if you want to get a better idea of how busy and effective we really are, take a look at this list of activities for 2018. Even I am impressed by how much our army of dedicated staff and volunteers are able to accomplish year after year.

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