The Illusion of Safety

By Chris Chumita

David Blaine is a master illusionist. When he performs his amazing street magic, he makes you believe in the unbelievable. He spins his illusions so well that you don't see that they are really just cheap parlor tricks.

In a way, the gun-grabbers are also illusionists. Unfortunately, their illusions often lead to the loss of innocent life, instead of astonishing you. Their illusion is a simple one. They trick people into believing that strict gun control laws will make everyone safer. In essence, they create an illusion of safety.

A good example of this are the so-called "gun free zones." Examples of such are schools, post offices, and highway rest stops. The gun-grabbers manage to trick people into believing that simply posting a sign or passing a law that bans guns in certain places will prevent violent crime. They spin their illusion so well that some people actually believe that a "No Guns" sign will prevent a homicidal maniac from turning a "gun free zone" into a war zone.

Unfortunately, their illusion of safety is exposed at the cost of innocent life. That is why gun rights/self-defense advocates refer to "gun free zones" as "victim zones" or "criminal protection zones." These zones do NOT offer any real safety to the innocent, becasue criminals do NOT obey the law or gun bans. The only person who benefits from the "safety" provided by these zones is the criminal. They ensure that the criminal can rape, rob, and murder, without worrying about a victim fighting back with a firearm.

The multiple school shootings in recent history are a perfect, but tragic, example of what happens when the gun-grabber's illusion of safety is exposed. Most recently, we saw this at the horrifying slaughter of unarmed students and faculty at Virginia Tech.

People like the Virginia Tech spokesman, Larry Hincker, helped to create the illusion of safety on the Virginia Tech campus. Hincker, and his kind, lulled the students and faculty into thinking that they were safe because the campus "banned" guns. That illusion was shattered on April 16th, 2007. An armed parasite found that a "gun free zone" makes a fertile hunting ground.

The "gun free zone's"illusion of safety is exposed on almost a daily basis. These stories are not often front page news, if they make the news at all. They often involve a single or small number of victims who are needlessly murdered, or their lives are changed forever.

The predators who prey on our society are the ones who are responsible for the needless bloodshed that happens in the so-called "gun free zones." However, the gun-grabber's make their job easier by creating an illusion of safety by banning guns and stripping people of their ability to adequattely defend themselves if an incident occurs. If any good can come from these tragedies, it is that we might learn from them. We need to ask the gun-grabbers an important question, how many more people who are unable to defend themselves have to die?

Chris Chumita is an active volunteer, editor, and leader with the Buckeye Firearms Association.

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