Issue 1: Cleveland mayor admits they're coming after your guns next (Watch this video)

We've been telling you Issue 1 is about many issues, including protecting gun rights. And here's proof.

Cleveland Mayor Justin M. Bibb admitted that if Issue 1 fails and Ohio's constitution continues to be easy to amend, they could use a constitutional ballot initiative to come after your guns.

Here's his exact quote from a recent news conference:

We can use our real political power to change the culture of guns in this state. It starts by voting no on Issue 1, by the way, to make sure we can maybe put a ballot measure on our state constitution to have common-sense gun reform.

Gun grabbers are often more subtle, but Bibb isn't using much subtlety here. He's just saying the quiet part out loud. He's admitting that Ohio's constitutional loophole, allowing radical activists to change our foundational document with a mere 50%-plus-one-vote approval, could be used to attack your Second Amendment rights.

He's using the usual coded language with phrases such as "culture of guns," which refers to Ohio's 4 million law-abiding gun owners, and "common-sense gun reform," which means radical and unconstitutional gun control.

This is the game big-city politicians play. They're soft on the criminals who actually commit violent crime, but when their cities experience spikes in murder and assault, they start pushing extreme gun control laws they know won't affect criminals.

Cities like Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and others have tried to enact gun control laws for years but have been successfully sued by Buckeye Firearms Association and other organizations. The difference now is, they want to bypass the Ohio legislature, outflank the state's firearm "preemption" laws, and jam gun control into the constitution.

That's why Issue 1 isn't academic. It's real. If we're not able to elevate the standards for amending our state constitution, Bibb and other extreme big-city progressives will follow through on their threat.

It's absolutely vital that you VOTE YES on Issue 1. Protect our constitution. Protect our Second Amendment rights.

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Dean Rieck is Executive Director of Buckeye Firearms Association, a former competitive shooter, NRA Patron Member, former #1 NRA Recruiter, and host of the Keep and Bear Radio podcast.

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