Letters to legislators on HB347 hit home

We've asked, and you have responded. Senate leaders have received and are continuing to receive a large number of letters calling on them to stop playing politics with HB347 and to pass it before summer recess.

Click on 'Read More' to real one very poignant letter among the hundreds written just in the past few days, and read once again why if you haven't already written, YOUR HELP IS NEEDED TODAY!

Date: 2006-05-19

Letter: Subject HB347 Needs to Move

I was disappointed to see the Senate Criminal Justice Committee schedule, released May 18th, did not include a possible vote on H.B. 347. It is critical this legislation passes before summer recess.

As a CHL holder who is constantly threatened by the thought of a felony arrest from an officer thinking my weapon is not in plain sight in a vehicle, and knowing that NO other state in the US has this "provision", it is high time H.B 347 was passed. There is no logical reason why I shouldn't be able to carry my pistol in a vehicle in Ohio just as I can other state with a CHL law.

My wife also has her CHL and is 2 months pregnant right now. She can keep the weapon in plain sight currently, but that will be extremely difficult in a few months. The thought of her being put in prison and/or labeled a felon because the Senate leadership is playing politics with this bill is disgraceful. Please explain to me how a woman is supposed to keep a weapon in plain sight while pregnant, and then make it concealed when getting out of the car?

Move this bill to the Senate floor and vote on it! It was passed by the House because they apparently believe law-abiding CHL holders shouldn't become instant felons due to this "poison-pill" provision from the old law. The same *should* be able to be said for the Senate, but unfortunately, that has not been the case thus far. It is imperative that the Senate leadership put this bill to a vote, and if necessary, over-ride Taft's promised veto before the summer session.

Governor Taft is not, and never has been, a friend of Ohio's law-abiding CHL holders who wish to protect themselves and the ones they love from harm. That said, the only way I will regain my respect for the Senate leadership is to lead a vote on this bill and pass it, and then over-ride the promised veto. Taft is irrelevant anymore, and is the worst excuse for a governor we've had in a long time. Why any Senator or Representative from the Republican party would care to stand beside him at this point is beyond me.

Do what the PEOPLE who elected you have asked you to do. Vote on HB 347, pass it, and then over-ride Taft's veto. Pressure the Senate leadership to get this bill on the floor. It is imperative that CHL holders are not threatened by this ridiculous provision any longer. We should NOT be labelled a felon simply because some officer can't see our pistol while we're in our vehicles.

Robert C.
London, OH

Your help is urgently needed! HB347 continues to face stumbling blocks with Gov. Taft, the OSHP, and others. Attempts are being made to roll back the improvements made in HB347. As you know, this piece of legislation passed the House overwhelmingly, and contains many favorable provisions for gun owners.

This was after months of negotiations and compromises. Now, certain factions are going to the Senate in an attempt to renege on these
Unfortunately, these people have a sympathetic ear in the Senate, due in
large part to Gov. Taft's baseless objections.

HB 347 passed with overwhelming bi-partisan support. There is no reason for it to be sabotaged in the Senate.

IT IS CRITICAL YOU WRITE YOUR LEGISLATORS RIGHT NOW! Every second you delay is another improvement that is being dealt away by those who don't care about the absurd laws you labor under.


Click HERE to be taken to a form that will automatically send a letter to Senate President Harris, Governor Taft, Senator Padgett, Speaker Husted and your individual representative and senator.

PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU SPREAD THE WORD TO ALL YOUR GUN OWNING FRIENDS! We need overwhelming response on this immediately.

The time to show your support is before the improvements are finally eliminated, not complaining about it after the fact.

Once again, please CLICK HERE to write your elected officials - your help is needed TODAY!

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