LTE: Assault on 'assault' weapons unsound

March 19, 2007
Zanesville Times-Recorder

The recent article by Dan Thomasson maligning the National Rifle Association is a new low, even for him. It appears that old Dan has finally lost control of his senses or is lying in his teeth. Take your pick.

The nation's police chiefs have serious problems all right, but so called assault weapons are seldom used in crimes of any kind. The infamous ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) Bureau defines an assault weapon as a full auto or selective fire weapon. This type of weapon requires a special permit from the federal government and an FBI background check and several $100 bills. The notion that our cops are outgunned by people with assault rifles is just so much bull manure.

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Big city police chiefs and mayors are notorious for wanting to run the entire state and the heck with state law and constitutions. They are fond of yelling for home rule. Columbus Ohio is a perfect example of those attitudes. Various Columbus mayors and councils have passed three different so- called assault weapons laws. Two of them have been declared unconstitutional and the third will be. This has cost the city an estimated $15 million each year since 1988, and several thousand in attorney fees. Columbus is crying for business, and the council is turning people away in wholesale lots.

And in spite of the ATF's definition of assault weapons people like Hillary Clinton have their own ideas. She was co-sponsor of H.B. 2083/S1431 billed as a renewal of Bill Clinton's 1994 assault weapons ban. Hillary's version far exceeded the original plan by millions of guns. She would have included all self-loading shotguns and all magazine-fed semi auto rifles. (Example 10+22 Ruger.)
You get the picture yet? Any weapon can be an assault rifle. Did you know that your $1,200 Beretta skeet gun was a Hillary assault rifle? Do yourself a favor. Join the NRA. This will be the best money you have every spent. Your grandchildren will benefit long after you and I are gone.

William Ripple

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