On May 2, about 1.5 million Ohioans will decide the future of your gun rights

By Chad D. Baus

Eleven days from today, the polls open. Eleven days from today, a small minority of Ohioans will decide the political landscape of Ohio for years to come.

How small a minority? Voter turnout for the last gubernatorial election-year primary in Ohio was just 19% of registered voters (1.35 million). When one considers that the number of hunters, sportsmen, CHL-holders, NRA members, Buckeye Firearms Association donors and Second Amendment supporters in Ohio approaches 1 million strong, the impact that gun owners can have on a primary election cannot be overstated.

This year, Ohio voters are being treated to an exciting opportunity, not only to vote in many contested primaries for state-wide offices, but to ensure that pro-gun candidates appear on BOTH sides of the ticket come November.

In the gubernatorial race, the outcome is already certain when it comes to the Republican primary. No matter who wins between Jim Petro and Ken Blackwell, gun owners win. But in the Democrat primary, your vote is needed to ensure that NRA "A"-rated Ted Strickland is the victor. After eight years of Bob Taft, how refreshing will it be to enter the voting booth next fall and see pro-gun candidates on both sides of the gubernatorial ballot?

Another such opportunity exists in the race for state Attorney General. Will you vote to ensure that pro-gun Republican Tim Grendell is his party's nominee for Attorney General against Betty "I don't want to be the candidate of the NRA" Montgomery? Will you vote to ensure that pro-gun Democrat Marc Dann wins his party's primary?

Will you vote for Buckeye Firearms Association-endorsee Sandra O'Brien to become the GOP nominee for Treasurer of State?

Will you vote to let Mike DeWine and the rest of the nation's anti-gun Senators hear the cry of freedom by nominating either Bill Pierce or David Smith in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate?

Will you vote to send Congresswoman Jean Schmidt back to Washington, and to see that Jim Jordan, Joe Ortega, Barbara Anne Ferris and either Chuck Blasdel or Danny Harmon join her as strong pro-Second Amendment Congressmen in our nation's capital?

Will you vote for our endorsed Republican and Democratic candidates for Ohio House and Senate, ensuring that ballots this fall are packed with pro-gun candidates?

Or rather, will you allow a small minority of Ohioans to decide for you the future of your Right to Bear Arms? Will you find excuses for not voting, and entrust your Right to Self-Defense and Security to people who get their opinions on firearms rights from the Cleveland Plain Dealer and Dan Rather?

The time is now. Don't let this exciting, crucial, once-in-many-decades opportunity slip away.

ACT NOW: Consult our 2006 Primary Endorsees Voter Guide, share it with friends, and make plans to vote on May 2, 2006, either at the polls or by absentee ballot.

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