New Yorker with questionable credentials trying to stop unlicensed carry in Florida

New York native Christopher McClenic says he founded the Stop Permitless Carry in Florida political action committee four months ago to “make life easier for law enforcement.” Unfortunately for McClenic, Florida law enforcement doesn’t want his help.

PODCAST: Clear Answers to 11 Common Questions About Ohio Gun Law

The Keep and Bear Radio podcast is hosted on Podbean and is also available on Apple , Google , Spotify , iHeartRadio and many other platforms. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to hear every episode. How to Listen to Podcasts on Your Mobile Phone *** Episode 106: Marijuana is now legal in Ohio, but can you smoke pot and own guns? Can anyone carry without a permit? Is it legal to have a loaded...

Fifth Circuit panel hands Biden ATF major defeat on Final Rule

In a unanimous ruling that included a strong concurring opinion, a three-judge panel in the Fifth U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives illegally promulgated its controversial “Final Rule” on firearm receivers and remanded the case back to the District Court for reconsideration.

Brady United brings on Hollywood to sell anti-gun agenda

The glamour and influence of Hollywood just ain’t what it used to be. That explains why Brady United for Gun Control’s recent announcement that they’re bringing on Hollywood executives and producers to help sell gun control makes perfect sense. Americans don’t want to be lectured to by out-of-touch actors who make millions and live in safe, gated communities and are protected by armed bodyguards...

Q Sugar Weasel "Best Trigger Ever Made" Raffle - $3,009 Prize Package

*** TICKET SALES CLOSED *** Disappointed that you didn't get here fast enough to buy a ticket? We recommend that you 1) make sure you're subscribed to our weekly newsletter and 2) make sure that your subscription account includes your full address. We generally send raffle alerts to our list of Ohio residents only. >>> Click here to sign up for our newsletter and be notified of our next...

Hypocrisy! Columbus City Council takes police away from residents to protect themselves

The words "cynical" and "selfish" come to mind. As does the word "hypocritical." In a move typical of big city politicians who view themselves as more important than the plebeians they claim to serve, Columbus City Council members have gifted themselves armed police officers for personal protection. These officers have not been added to the Columbus police force, but transferred from their job...

BFA testifies in support of HB 272 to allow firearms in government buildings

On Tuesday, Oct. 31, 2023, Buckeye Firearms Association presented testimony to the House Government Oversight Committee in favor of House Bill 272 . Sponsored by Reps. Adam Mathews and Justin Pizzulli, HB 272 would give local governments the authority to allow concealed handgun licensees to carry a concealed handgun in government buildings with a courthouse if court is not in session. Current...

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