New Absentee Ballot Rules Remove Excuses - Make Plans to VOTE!

Regular readers of this website should be aware by now that the May 2nd Primary is loaded with several contested races across Ohio. There are many good pro-gun candidates that will need help from pro-gun voters on May 2nd. Voter turn out is traditionally very low in primary elections for whatever reason. In today's busy world people may not be able to make time in their schedules to get to the polls. Others may feel that their vote does not count or the primary election is not really worth the time. As was seen as recently as the last Presidential election, nothing could be farther from the truth.

This year marks a very positive step for the election process in Ohio. Anyone anywhere can vote via absentee ballot without having to meet any criteria to be eligible. The days of hearing excuses about not being able to visit the polls should be a thing of the past.

Election officials are predicting limited use of this new option because of lack of publicity and the fact that the May 2nd Primary is the first election where it can utilized.

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The Ohio Secretary of State website states that "A qualified Ohio voter does not have to state a reason to vote by an absentee ballot, although the ballot must be applied for in writing. If you are properly registered to vote, you must submit your written request to the board of elections of the county in which your voting residence is located."

A convenient Absent Voter's Ballot application can be downloaded here. It is not necessary to use the application however.

Again from the Secretary of State website:

    Your written application for the absentee ballot need not be in any particular form, but it must contain all of the following information.

    1. Your name
    2. Your signature
    3. The address at which you are registered to vote
    4. Your date of birth
    5. One of the following

      1. Your driver's license number or
      2. The last four digits of your social security number or
      3. A copy of your current and valid photo identification or a copy of a current utility bill, bank statement, government check, paycheck, or other government document that shows your name and address.

    6. A statement identifying the election for which absent voter's ballots are requested
    7. A statement that you are a qualified elector
    8. If the request is for a primary election ballot, your political party affiliation and
    9. If you want the ballots to be mailed, the address to which you want them mailed.

If you cannot make it to the polls on May 2nd please use this new option to get your vote in. If you know people that are not planning to vote in the Primary please encourage them to do so. If they cannot make it to the polls make them aware of the new absentee procedure and encourage them to vote.

It is vital that we participate in the election process and get pro-gun politicians elected. We are winning the battle but we must not let our guard down. For a list of candidates endorsed by Buckeye Firearms Association please click here.

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