Buckeye Firearms Association endorses Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate

Buckeye Firearms Association is proud to endorse Josh Mandel for U.S. Senate. Mandel has been a strong and consistent supporter of Second Amendment rights. His opponent has been graded "F" by the NRA-ILA.

"I've known Josh Mandel since he was a city councilman," said Jim Irvine. "His principles remain unchanged. He is a true leader, who is proud to support our Second Amendment rights. This is one of the easiest endorsements our PAC has ever made, and should be one of the easiest votes for anyone who values their right to keep and bear arms."

Mandel's opponent, Sherrod Brown has been a solid vote for the anti-freedom groups like Michael Bloomberg's "Mayors Against Illegal Guns" and the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence. Brown is simply hostile towards all firearms and the people who own them.

Mandel is an Iraq veteran. As a Marine, he knows how to handle firearms and knows that good guys with guns make the world a safer place. He also understands that guns are not dangerous, but dangerous people sometimes use guns to harm good people. The basic lessons from the battlefield apply to our own communities too.

Buckeye Firearms Association is focused on Ohio races and does not intend to endorse in most federal races. However, certain ones involve longtime friends that we have endorsed many times. Some are of such critical importance that we must weigh in. This one is both.

United States Supreme Court justices are appointed for life. Everyone knows that the President appoints them, but it is the U.S. Senate that confirms those nominees. Brown has voted to confirm Justices Sotomayor and Kagan, two people who were openly hostile towards your rights who have gone on to vote against your rights in the Second Amendment cases that have come before them. More cases are sure to make their way to our highest court and we are one vote away from losing our hard fought gains. We must replace Brown with Josh Mandel. This is a race that is so critical the entire nation will be watching as the election draws near.

John Mandel has a perfect voting record in the Ohio legislature. He voted for Castle Doctrine and a huge list of improvements for concealed carry license-holders and all gun owners. He signed discharge petitions when we needed leaders to force a vote on critical bills. He has been a strong and steady friend in the statehouse, and we need him in the Senate.

"We are delighted to issue our first endorsement of the 2012 general election to Josh Mandel," noted Irvine. "He is a proven leader, a tireless worker, a brilliant legal mind and a staunch defender of freedom. I wish we had someone of his caliber to endorse in every race."

The U.S. Senate race is one that all Ohio voters will have on their ballots. The six year term makes winning this race critical for all voters.

You can learn more about Josh Mandel on his web site, http://jobs.joshmandel.com/.

Jim Irvine is the Buckeye Firearms Association Chairman.

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