NRA-PVF: "Defend Freedom, Boot Brown"

The NRA-PVF is working hard to educate voters on Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown in advance of the Nov. 6 election.

Ask Sherrod Brown:
Why Does He Oppose Your Freedoms?

Sure, Sherrod Brown may say he supports your Second Amendment rights. But don't be fooled. Sherrod Brown can't be trusted to protect our rights and freedoms. Judge Sherrod Brown based on his record. And the record is clear.

  • Sherrod Brown repeatedly voted to ban millions of commonly owned firearms. (1)
  • Sherrod Brown voted to ban virtually all rifle ammunition for deer hunting. (2)
  • Sherrod Brown voted against your right to self-defense. (3)
  • Sherrod Brown voted to end gun shows as we know them. (4)
  • Sherrod Brown voted to support lawsuits intended to bankrupt the gun industry.(5)

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Brown is opposed by Josh Mandel, who has earned "A" grades and been endorsed by both Buckeye Firearms Association and NRA-PVF.

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