Ohio FOP back in action, encouraging businesses to ban guns

The Ohio Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) lobbied the Senate to have some of the more offensive amendments inserted in HB12. OFCC fought them every step of the way, but liberal Republican Senators bowed under pressure, fearing a Taft veto would damage "party solidarity". Many concealed handgun license applicants are now coming to grips with just how invasive that FOP effort was.

In 2003, the FOP was front and center in the fight, and successfully defeated HB274. In 2004, the FOP labor union fought the same battle, but from a much less public platform. But make no mistake, the Ohio FOP wants your rights stripped as bare as possible, and this story illustrates that fact.

April 8, 2004

'No Guns Allowed' Kit Keeps Concealed Weapons Off Property

The Ohio Fraternal Order of Police teamed up with a marketing firm to develop a kit for businesses and individuals who don't want guns brought onto their property.

Under the concealed carry law that went into effect Thursday, signs must be posted in order for people to exercise their right to not allow permit holders to carry concealed weapons on their property.

So the Ohio FOP joined up with Ohio firm JMS Marketing and developed the "No Guns Allowed" kit.

The kit includes a laminated sign, stickers, instructions on how to display them, and a "frequently-asked-questions" on the new law.

"We know there is considerable confusion about the new law," said Mary Anne Sharkey, of JMS Marketing. "We believe this kit … will make it easier for individuals and business owners to exercise their right to keep guns off their premises."

The kit costs about $30, including shipping. Check out www.Ohiogunlaw.net to get more information about the kit and how to order.

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