Ohio Liberty Council holds town hall forum on Issue 2

On Election Day 2009, Ohio voters will be asked to decide on Issue 2, a ballot initiative which would amend the Ohio constitution to create a livestock board appointed by the governor that would set standards for livestock care in Ohio.

While Buckeye Firearms Association determined that this issue falls too far outside of our mission, others including the U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance, are supporting this issue out of the belief that Ohio farmers need protection from the number one anti-hunting group in the nation, the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). On the other hand, some believe this board is a state power grab that could restrict the rights of Ohio farmers.

The Ohio Liberty Council, of which Buckeye Firearms Association is a member organization, believes it is important for voters to be as informed as possible about ballot issues before voting to amend the Ohio Constitution. As such, the Council, along with the Ohio Freedom Alliance, The Central Ohio 912 Project, and OSU Young Americans for Liberty, co-sponsored a town hall forum at the main campus of The Ohio State University on Monday, October 19.

According to the Council's website, over one hundred folks attended the forum, may of whom took the opportunity to ask questions of the panelists, who were:

  • Natalie Kee – Ohio ACT Coalition (opposes)
  • Dr. Leah Dorman – Director of Food Programs, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (supports)
  • Tim Wightman – Dairy Farmer (opposes)
  • Keith Stimpert - Sr. Vice President of Public Policy, Ohio Farm Bureau Federation (supports)
  • Margaret Anne Ruhl – Ohio District 90 Representative, Sponsor HJR-2 (supports)
  • Maurice Thompson – Attorney at Law (neutral)

The event lasted 2 hours, with approximately 90 minutes of questions from attendees.

Click here to watch the full-length video.

Click here for a page with video containing just the town hall questions and answers on short YouTube clips.

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