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Fast, affordable gifts for gun guys and gals!

Don't wait until the last minute to start your holiday shopping. Here are some great gift ideas for your spouse, kids, moms, dads, nieces, nephews, neighbors, friends, or anyone on your gift list. You'll get great bargains AND support Buckeye Firearms Foundation which is fighting for your Second Amendment rights in a historic U.S. Supreme Court case.

Are your gun rights worth $8.97?

Dear Gun Rights Supporter, I was speechless. Recently, while reviewing donations, I found myself marveling at the generosity of our many Ohio supporters. From every part of the state, people of all ages were showing their support for our work on the Second Amendment case now before the U.S. Supreme Court. Checks for $100, checks for $500, and one massive check for $10,000 from the USCCA. I was...

Buckeye Firearms Chairman Jim Irvine debates Bloomberg crony on gun show "loophole"

By Chad D. Baus On October 20, 2009, Buckeye Firearms Chairman Jim Irvine appeared as a guest on WCPN's (Clevland Public Radio) "The Sound of Ideas," hosted by Dan Moulthrop. In a typical display of your tax dollars at work on the "impartial" forum of National Public Radio (NPR), the opening half of the show was given solely to one of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's cronies - John Feinblatt,...

Buckeye Firearms Association issues endorsements in several local races

As a part of our focus on general firearms issues, this political action committee continues to direct our attention to a variety of local races in the state of Ohio for off-year elections. This year, there are a few contests which pique the interest of Buckeye Firearms Association, some because they are between pro-gun candidates and out-and-out liberal anti-gunners, and others because we wish...

Massad Ayoob says this new book will give you "powerful ammunition"

Our own Gerard Valentino has authored his first book, The Valentino Chronicles - Observations from a Middle-Class Conservative . The book is now available at the Buckeye Firearms Gun Stuff Mall for two dollars off the cover price of $19.95 ($17.95 + shipping). When Massad Ayoob saw it, he said, "If, like me, you believe that decent citizens have the right to protect themselves and their loved...

Governor Ted Strickland attends 2009 Buckeye Bash; promises to veto any anti-gun legislation

By Chad D. Baus Attendees of the 2009 Buckeye Bash already knew they were in for a special time on Saturday, October 17, but didn't know until soon after they arrived that the evening was going to be made even more special by the appearance of Governor Ted Strickland. The 2009 Buckeye Bash, which was held at Cardinal Center Campgrounds and Shooting Center in Marengo, just 30 miles north of...

Let's put a Buckeye on the NRA Board of Directors!

We have a chance to get Ken Hanson, our legal guru and author of The Ohio Guide to Firearm Laws, on the NRA Board of Directors. Not only would this be a great honor, it would help put Ohio gun issues front and center with the most powerful pro-gun organization in the country. First, we have to get him officially nominated and we need more petition signatures. Will you help us? Here's what you...

Buckeye Firearm's Gerard Valentino to appear weekly on syndicated radio show beginning Sunday

Gerard Valentino, a leader with Buckeye Firearms Association and Treasurer of Buckeye Firearms Foundation, will appear on "The Great Outdoors" with host Calvin Pyle every Sunday afternoon for the next five weeks. Beginning October 11, Valentino and Pyle will discuss a different aspect of firearms issues and firearms law. The segment will usually take place between 12:15 and 12:30, and will run...


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