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Cabela's NRA 2nd Amendment Workshop a rousing success

By Jim Irvine Recently I was invited to attend a Second Amendment workshop at the Cabela's in Dundee, Michigan. The event was organized by Wayne Blank, an NRA certified instructor, training councilor, and Election Volunteer Coordinator (EVC.) The event was held on August 29 and was an all day event held at a huge Cabela's store – the ultimate shopping for anyone who enjoys the outdoors. The list...

Attention Ohio CHL-holders: Calanni Auto Service wants your business!

By Chad D. Baus One of the more frequent compaints from Ohio concealed handgun license (CHL) -holders is the number of "no-guns" signs posted in businesses. Although the number of signs has definitely decreased in the five years since the successful self-defense law was passed, far too many businesses - especially in urban areas - still post signs telling some of their customers that they are not...

You are invited: Cabela's Second Amendment Workshop

You are invited to attend a free Second Amendment workshop at Cabelas in Dundee, MI, just 20 minutes north of Toledo. You will get information and strategies on how you can play an important role in the ongoing fight to maintain Second Amendment rights in the United States. The impressive lineup of speakers includes:

Ohio mayor's resignation from Bloomberg gun control front group gains national attention

By Chad D. Baus On Tuesday, Buckeye Firearms Association broke the news that Village of Walton Hills, OH Mayor Marlene Anielski had submitted to New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg her resignation from the gun control front group known as Mayors Against Illegal Guns (MAIG). Since then, the news has been spread far and wide, and Anielski is doing some high-profile interviews to further explain...

Ohio Liber-Tea Party attracts 10,000 people

Linda Walker, Buckeye Firearms Association Central Ohio Chair, addresses the crowd. By Linda Walker Ohio Liberty Council sponsored the first-ever statewide Tea Party at the Ohio Statehouse in downtown Columbus on Saturday, August 1. Between eight and ten thousand people attended this massive, well-thought out, well-organized event. TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Parties have popped up all over the...

Report shows growth of Buckeye Firearms Association

By Jim Irvine Thanks to your generous support and involvement, Buckeye Firearms Association continues to grow in dollars, in people, and (as a result) in influence. Money and people equals power in politics – and you have contributed greatly this year, even in such harsh economic times. Your all-volunteer leaders at Buckeye Firearms Association continued to be humbled by the trust you put in us...

BFA is a big hit at Cleveland Tea Party

Editor's Note: Buckeye Firearms Association volunteers are what make this organization successful. Our successes can be directly attributed to the work they do. The following is a report from one such volunteer, who represented the PAC at a recent Tea Party. Volunteers are active all over the state - please join the team ! By Greg Wilk Buckeye Firearms Association welcomed Second Amendment...


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