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Op-Ed: Saving the Children

By Gerard Valentino (This commentary has also been published at ) A new study by the American Academy of Pediatrics estimates that 24,000 children are injured in shopping-cart accidents every year. A staggering 85% of those children are under five years of age. That dwarfs the number of children who were injured with guns last year. It appears that your child has a much better chance...

The Case For Self-Defense at Ohio State University

Contributed by a Buckeye Firearms Columbus volunteer The area surrounding The Ohio State University is one of the most dangerous areas in the city and state, and there is very little the students can do to counteract it. Additionally students engage in vary risky practices that pre-select many of them for victimization, often without realizing it. Clck on 'Read More' for the entire commentary. We...

Gerard Valentino article in national mag tells ''How To Help''

An article by Buckeye Firearms Association Central Region Chair Gerard Valentino has been published in U.S. Concealed Carry magazine. In addition to the printed publication, the article, entitled "How to help in the fight for our Second Amendment rights", is available in a members-only section of the USCC website . Finally, the article can also be read in its entirety by clicking here .

A Buckeye survives a trip down south

By Ken Hanson It is that time of year again - time to pack up the family in the minivan and head south for some quality time. The vacation this year was to Gatlinburg, ("We have more mini-golf courses per acre than any other place on the planet") Tennessee. As my vacation last year had resulted in my first ever armed encounter with a criminal, I dutifully charted out my course on a map and made a...

Accidental Shooting Tragic

By Larry S. Moore The accidental shooting of a 5-year old Xenia boy is tragic. We can certainly give thanks that it was not fatal. While firearms accidents are declining, it hits home when it is in our community - our children. Statistics are meaningless if it is your child that is injured. The tragic part, in addition to the wounding of the boy and emotional concerns for both youngsters, is that...

The Last Lesson

By Chad D. Baus As many are aware, my history as a shooter and grassroots firearms activist begins not in Ohio, but in Tennessee. I lived in Nashville from 1994 - 2000, met my wife and married there. It was her father who introduced me to the shooting sports. Many have also heard about my father-in-law's experience with an attempted carjacking, an incident which convinced me that it would be...

Dillon Ladies Have a Blast

By Linda Walker The weather may have been bleak, but that didn’t stop several ladies from coming out to the Dillon Sportsman’s Club, for their first-ever ladies-only night! The members of the club sponsored the evening, geared towards inexperienced shooters without the intimidation of having the man in their life hovering in the background. Various stations were set up including pistol, rifle,...

New Literature Section added to Grassroots Action Guide

An all-volunteer grassroots organization can only be as influential as the individuals who support it want it to be. We need your help so that this organization make a difference in Columbus and beyond. Buckeye Firearms Assocaition has created a new area of our Grassroots Action Guide dedicated to providing you what you need to help the word about the good work being done here to defend and...


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