Gun Grabbers

Toledo Mayor breaks tie to extend ban on handguns

Mayor Jack Ford broke a 6-6 tie to repeal a sunset provision that would have caused Toledo’s handgun ordinance to expire Jan. 27. The vote renewed the ban on cheap and easily concealed handguns. Mr. Ford said he expects to propose changes to address problems cited since the law passed in 1999, especially complaints that it discriminates against people who claim they need to defend themselves in...

Blade: Toledo's handgun ban to die without new OK

Last month, we reported that Toledo's ban on so-called "Saturday Night Specials" was about to sunset , to the rabid dismay of the Ohio Coalition of Gun Violence. We made you aware that the OCAGV was calling upon their supporters to urge enforcement of the ban, stating that "we will be expected to prove that the Toledo SNS ordinance is worthwhile and effective." The Toledo Blade is now reporting...

UGLY: Brady Campaign Misrepresenting HB274

The Brady Campaign is ratcheting up their rhetoric machine, aiming to destroy Ohio's Concealed Carry Reform bill currently under consideration in the Senate. Brady's latest email to supporters employs what has become an unfortunate but expected tactic for anti-gun forces: performing acrobatics with words and facts because they don't want the truth to be known. In the Nov. 15, 2002 newsletter,...


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