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Gannett News Service: Anti-gun group questions concealed carry research

COLUMBUS -- Gun control advocates on Wednesday criticized the credibility of a leading firearms researcher and said lawmakers have relied too much on his flawed work in their push for concealed weapons licenses in Ohio. But the expert, author John Lott, maintains his research is valid, and supporters insist the concealed weapons concept has more justification than just those figures. Jeff Garvas...

Taft: Ohio homeland security risk ''Elevated''; but you may not defend yourself

Don't panic but be prepared, Gov. Bob Taft said yesterday as he unveiled new homeland-security guidelines for the state's schools, businesses and homes. The security levels, from green (low) to red (severe) adopted by the 21-member Ohio Security Task Force mirror the federal terrorism-alert levels. Ohio is now at a yellow or elevated security level. Taft said the outbreak of war with Iraq would...

Is no CCW news good news for these Ohio newspapers?

When Ohio's ban on CCW was ruled unconstitutional in a Hamilton County court last year, OFCC took note of a number of media outlets which were largely silent on the story. When a Democrat judge from Seneca County became the third Ohio court to rule Ohio's CCW ban unconstitutional, we pointed out that many major Ohio newspapers failed to so much as mention the ruling. In spite of this history, who...

Tell Mayor Ford to support the self-defense rights of Toledoans

Mayor Jack Ford, the anti-CCW mayor who recently cast a tie-breaking vote to uphold Toledo's ban on the sale or ownership of inexpensive handguns, said he will kick off "Meet the Mayor Night" on March 12 at Aurora Gonzalez Center, One Aurora Gonzalez Drive, in South Toledo. All the meetings will be from 6 to 8 p.m. The mayor said appointments are preferred so meetings can be scheduled to save...

Million Mom'ers want Ohio businesses to remain victim zones

The president of the Million Mom March's Greater Cleveland chapter, Lori O'Neill, has written yet another letter to an Ohio newspaper editor which raises serious questions about her ability to get the facts straight. In her letter, O'Neill states that "one very influential group has yet to weigh in on the issue: business." But as we reported on December 31, 2002 , the Ohio Council of Retail...

Latest Million Mom attack on Jim Trakas (R-17)

The Million Mommies just won't let up on Jim Trakas (R-17) . After enduring a littany of televised attack ads, and the staging of a poorly attended and politically unsuccessful election eve opposition rally, Rep. Jim Trakas probably thought the Mommies were silenced on election day, when he soared to a convincing victory, taking votes nearly 2 to 1. Little did he know, his anti-CCW foes would...

FOP spokesman: Blatant disregard for the TRUTH

by Chad D. Baus One would think someone in the position of being spokesman for thousands of law enforcement officers in this state would try, at least a tiny bit, get his facts straight. But Mike Taylor, spokesperson for the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, embarrasses the people he is handsomely paid to represent every time he opens his mouth about concealed carry reform, making statements that...

Reminder: Stark County Park Board hearing Wed., Feb. 5

The next Stark County Park Board hearing will be held Wednesday, February 5, 2003. Among discussion items will be the subject of the continued ban on park rangers carrying firearms while on duty. For complete details on the plight of the Stark County Park Rangers, who are prevented from carrying a firearm in commission of their duties, click here .


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