Gun Grabbers

Latest Million Mom attack on Jim Trakas (R-17)

The Million Mommies just won't let up on Jim Trakas (R-17) . After enduring a littany of televised attack ads, and the staging of a poorly attended and politically unsuccessful election eve opposition rally, Rep. Jim Trakas probably thought the Mommies were silenced on election day, when he soared to a convincing victory, taking votes nearly 2 to 1. Little did he know, his anti-CCW foes would...

FOP spokesman: Blatant disregard for the TRUTH

by Chad D. Baus One would think someone in the position of being spokesman for thousands of law enforcement officers in this state would try, at least a tiny bit, get his facts straight. But Mike Taylor, spokesperson for the Ohio Fraternal Order of Police, embarrasses the people he is handsomely paid to represent every time he opens his mouth about concealed carry reform, making statements that...

Reminder: Stark County Park Board hearing Wed., Feb. 5

The next Stark County Park Board hearing will be held Wednesday, February 5, 2003. Among discussion items will be the subject of the continued ban on park rangers carrying firearms while on duty. For complete details on the plight of the Stark County Park Rangers, who are prevented from carrying a firearm in commission of their duties, click here .

Brookings Institution tries to revive poorly researched CCW/Crime study

The Brookings Institution , a liberal research group based in Washington D.C., is attempting to revive interest in a flawed study on the effects of CCW on crime , entitled "Shooting Down the More Guns, Less Crime Hypothesis", by John J. Donohue III. Donohue first issued his report in October of last year, but it received little attention. John Lott, author of More Guns, Less Crime , evaluated and...

Stark County Park Board's Opposition to Self-Defense Extends Even to Rangers

While not directly a Concealed Carry Reform issue, an OFCC supporter has requested that we bring attention to the plight of Stark County Park Rangers, who in the commission of their duties have been prevented from carrying a sidearm for some ten years. Click here to visit Citizens for Park Safety's website . If you are a Stark County resident, or live anywhere near Canton, you can help. The Stark...

Take Four: Youngstown Trying To Ban ''Assault Rifles'' AGAIN!

Although OFCC PAC's focus remains solely on Concealed Carry Reform, we've been asked to pass this information on by a very dedicated supporter. If you live anywhere near Youngstown, you may wish to make sure your voice is heard. Youngstown has apparently tried to ban "assault rifles" three times since the 1980's after a city-by-city trend of trying to pass such laws after the tragic schoolyard...

City of Toledo: Saturday Night Special ban sunsetting

The City of Toledo's three year ban on so-called Saturday Night Specials is sunsetting, and interested Toledoans will have the opportunity to voice their opinion on the law's renewal at a hearing early next month. In the Ohio Coalition of Gun Violence's call-to-action to other anti-gun extremists, Toby Hoover states that "we will be expected to prove that the Toledo SNS ordinance is worthwhile...

Grassroots Battle: Anti-Gunners urge uprising

The anti-gun extremists are at it again. In a press release carried by the national anti-gun organization "Join Together", the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence has issued a press release urging people to urge their Senators to vote against HB274. Without question, the OCAGV's anti-HB274 message will receive more media coverage than the press release OFCC issued last week. Here is a link to the...


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