Gun Grabbers

3D Printing is Way Scarier Than Plastic Guns

Editor's Note: Today's feature is reproduced with permission from . We might not agree with Shelly's characterization of printing guns as the "dark side of the technology" but we agree wholeheartedly with his description and assessment on the future of 3D printing. by Shelly Palmer Ever the publicity hound, Sen. Chuck...

The Terrorists Won in Boston

by Jeff Knox That demented, hate-filled terrorists could build bombs and detonate them in a crowded public place should not have come as news to anyone. That's what terrorists have been doing around the world for decades - centuries. That it could be done in the U.S. by people we had welcomed with open arms, should also have been no surprise. Islamist extremists have been promising, and...

Attorney General Mike DeWine denies backing away from comments made in support of arming school employees

by Chad D. Baus and Jim Irvine This week, an Associated Press article by Julie Carr Smyth, entitled " Ohio's state school board urged not to arm teachers ," hit the wires and shot around the state and across the country. The article is making waves because, according to Carr Smyth, Attorney General Mike DeWine made comments at a State Board of Education meeting that go against his previously-...

Rep. Bob Hagan's gun control bill exposes impotence of "protection orders" and need for victim education

by Chad D. Baus State Representative Bob Hagan (D), who recently announced that his candidacy for U.S. Senate is grounded in his anger that Sen. Rob Portman (R) stood up for gun owners' constitutional rights in recent votes against gun control, has apparently figured out that support for gun control is his ticket to gaining media attention for his fledgling candidacy. This week, Hagan introduced...

Op-Ed: Accidents Don’t Happen

by C. D. Michel Teaching Americans gun safety is like teaching politicians how to lie. It comes naturally. Despite the National Rifle Association (NRA)’s high profile political activities, gun safety training and marksmanship comprise the overwhelming majority of its activities. Roughly 80% of its budget goes to these types of programs. Gun control organizations, recognizing a way to rebuild...

New Government Report Undercuts Obama Anti-Gun Agenda

Things haven't been very good for President Obama lately. [Last] week, Congress heard from witnesses concerning his administration's fatal failures related to the September 11, 2012, attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. Not buying into the make-believe nonsense that Obama has improved America's standing among terrorists devoted to our destruction, jihadists recently attacked the Boston...

On the Hill: Senate Narrowly Rejects Pro-Gun Amendment, While House Committee Approves Protection for Veterans

On May 8, the U.S. Senate took up consideration of S. 601, the "Water Resources Development Act of 2013." During the debate, Sen. Tom Coburn (R-Okla.) offered an amendment to extend the Right to Carry to lands administered by the Army Corps of Engineers. The Corps manages over 11.7 million acres, including many recreational areas. In 2009, Congress passed legislation protecting the Right to Carry...

Magazine capacity limits - who they'll truly affect

MB Studio Productions is dedicated to the preservation of our constitutional rights, and has combined this dedication with a passion for production and entertainment, with a goal of using moving media to support the Second Amendment. This is the first of several Public Service Announcements MB Studio Productions will be producing to demonstrate who gun laws really affect and why they don't work.


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