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Pelosi: 'We want registration'; Holder: 2A won't 'stand in the way'; SAF: 'Gloves are off'

BELLEVUE, WA – Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on April 7 acknowledged that gun registration is on her agenda, days after Attorney General Eric Holder told reporters in Mexico that the Second Amendment would not "stand in the way" of administration plans to crack down on alleged gun trafficking to Mexico. "These are alarming remarks from Speaker Pelosi and Attorney General Holder," said...

Shooting range protection - The noisy wheel gets the shaft

By Jeff Knox Range protection is a hot topic these days and it's becoming more important every day. Urban sprawl continues to envelope ranges and traditional shooting areas, pushing shooters farther and farther out to engage in their sport and training. Developers build houses closer and closer to established ranges and soon the new residents are complaining about the noise. While much of the...

Department of Defense reverses decision to destroy all once-fired military brass

By Jim Shepherd At about five-thirty Tuesday evening, the lengthy feature that was to have gone in Wednesday's editions of both the Outdoor and Shooting Wires was rendered unnecessary. Normally, that's not a reason for celebration. But this was no ordinary occurrence. After having spoken with Larry Haynie of Georgia Arms regarding the Department of Defense decision to require all once-fired...

Across the Fruited Plain: The people fighting for your gun rights

Editor's Note: This article has also been published at By Chad D. Baus Recently, USCCA's Kathy Jackson presented me with the idea of writing a regular column that could update members on the ongoing fight for gun rights at the state level. I quickly realized that what started with just a few words ("I'm needing a regular online writer to tell me about the doings of other...

SAF, D.C. Residents file suit to challenge D.C. Handgun Ban Scheme

BELLEVUE, WA – The Second Amendment Foundation and three Washington, D.C. residents have filed a lawsuit challenging a regulation by District of Columbia city government that arbitrarily bans handguns based on a roster of "acceptable" handguns approved by the State of California. The District is using this list despite a ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court last summer that protects handguns "that...

Pro-Obama faux gun group discovers they were used

"We believe recent attacks on Senator Obama's stand on the 2nd Amendment and his commitment to our hunting and shooting heritage are unfair and American Hunters and Shooters Association is stepping up to set the record straight. ...Senator Obama will be a strong and authentic voice for America's hunters and shooters and it is with great pleasure that we endorse his candidacy." - Ray Schoenke,...

League of Ohio Sportsmen names State Senator Jimmy Stewart "2008 Conservation Legislator of the Year"

By Larry S. Moore The League of Ohio Sportsmen recently recognized State Senator Jimmy Stewart (R-Athens) as the 2008 Conservation Legislator of the Year. The award was present at the 101st annual League Convention which was held in Marietta, Ohio. Senator Stewart was recognized for his sponsorship and leadership in fighting wildlife poaching in Ohio.

Legislators and Sportsmen to Meet at Reception

(Columbus) - The U.S. Sportsmen's Alliance (USSA) will host a legislative reception for the members of Ohio's Congressional Delegations and General Assembly with state sportsman leaders on March 10, 2009. The event is part of the organization's annual effort to connect Ohio's sportsmen's community with state and federal legislators. The reception will be March 10 at the Athletic Club of Columbus...


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