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OFCC's 1st Annual Party in the Park a great success

OFCC's 1st Annual Party in the Park, which featured Secretary of State Ken Blackwell as keynote speaker, was a great success. Most attendees would probably agree it would be hard to pick a high point of the Labor Day Saturday. Excellent food and fellowship gave way to an inspirational speech by Secretary Blackwell. Following the Secretary's words, several awards were given, and many lucky...

Anti-gun judge illegally confiscates CHL-holder's firearm; defendant to appeal

The name of the individual described below has been publicized in brief blurbs about the incident in a Cleveland Sun newspaper, but we have chosen not to repeat it here. For several weeks, Ohioans For Concealed Carry has been following the case of a young CHL-holder whose has been abused not only by the terrible vehicle carry provisions in Ohio law, but by the system responsible for enforcing it...

Ohio Attorney General's office answers Sen. Randy Gardner on Section 9 violators

According to Senator Randy Gardner's office, the Ohio Attorney General's office has taken a firm position when it comes to Section 9 violators. In an email response to CCW-advocate Bruce Beatty, who is waging a fight against multiple Section 9 violations by the Toledo Mayor and City Law Director, Sen. Gardner's office said the following: "The AG's office is under the belief that public busses are...

Attack letters being sent to OFCC PAC donors

With all that's going on this week, we hate to waste your time with this, but you'll understand why we must, as you read. The following was originally published to an Ohio gun-related newsgroup, in response to an inquiry posted there by a concerned recipient of the attack letter. It has been updated to include the latest information available: Greetings - We are aware that two separate attack...


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