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Akron Beacon Journal/ OFCC PAC endorse Kirk Schuring (R) for Senate 29

Kirk Schuring, in his ninth year as a legislator and currently representing the 51st Ohio House District, is seeking election to the 29th Ohio Senate seat. The 29th Senate district covers most of Stark County. Both the newspaper, and OFCC PAC, endorse Schuring's candidacy for the Senate seat. In the Journal's words, "he has developed as one of Ohio's seasoned legislators. Accessible and...

Time is Running Out - Register to Vote!

If you have not voted in the past four years, if you have moved, or if you need to register to vote for some other qualifying reason, please act quickly as you must register no later than 30 days prior to the election. From the Secretary of State's office website: Where may I register to vote? You may register to vote at the following locations. The office of the Secretary of State of Ohio, or...

KEY RACE: Plain Dealer/OFCC PAC endorse Cassandra Wyssbrod (R) for House 9

Two years ago, the Cleveland Plain Dealer endorsed Democrat Claudette J. Woodard in Ohio House District 9. In their own words, they "have been disappointed." This November, voters in the district have an extremely impressive candidate running for the seat in Republican Cassandra C. Wyssbrod. She has earned the newspaper's endorsement, and OFCC PAC's as well. Unlike her opponent, Wyssbrod says she...

How does PAC money get used?

It has been said that at the end of the money trail lies the answer to any question. We have all heard the horror stories about PACs collecting tens of thousands of dollars which were donated by well-meaning citizens with a desire to positively influence a political issue, only to learn later that the PAC was keeping most of the donations for themselves as "consulting fees". The people at OFCC...

New Website Content Coming Soon

Thanks for checking out the new website. As you can see, we've opened to doors to the perverbial store, but we still have a lot of product in the back room, waiting to be put on the shelves. In the coming days, we will tackle our mission of helping inform pro-CCW Ohioans like you on how best to utilize your time and your vote to make a difference. To that end, very soon we'll be launching a...

OFCC PAC Website Launches

The Ohioans For Concealed Carry Political Action Committee officially launched their website on September 2nd, 2002. The site will be used to communicate with the general public about PAC activities. Currently, the site is under construction. Additional features will be added to the website over time.

Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor meets with southwest Ohio Sportsmen Leaders

by Larry S. Moore Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor met with a group of approximately thirty sportsmen leaders at the Clark County Sportsmen Club. The group represented a true cross-section of the Ohio sportsmen and women. In addition to the host club, representative were present from the Greene County Fish and Game Association, Ohio Gun Collectors Association (OGCA), Ohio State Trappers Association (OSTA),...

Why I have a low tolerance for ''zero tolerance''

You can relax! Get outside and enjoy the first days of spring. Thanks to quick and decisive action, a second-grade menace will no longer be stalking his next victim within the halls of Columbus Public Schools, at least for a while. Thank you, zero tolerance, for removing this predator. In case you missed the original story, a Columbus second-grader last week found a handgun on his way to school...


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