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Another law enforcement official endorses concealed carry reform in Ohio

For years, Bob Taft has been avoiding his Constitutional duty to recognize Ohioan's right to bear arms for self-defense. Lacking leadership qualities, he hides behind a claim that he "will support a bill that has law enforcement support." When the Buckeye State Sheriff's Association came on board, Taft reduced his definition of law enforcement to the Fraternal Order of Police and Ohio State...

Indiana CCW license-holder has very bad day in Ohio

EXCLUSIVE: Must credit DAYTON----As if having a pick-up truck pull out in front of his motorcycle, receiving severe injuries and being life-flighted wasn't bad enough, an Indiana resident got an even harsher welcome from the State of Ohio on a recent trip across the border: a CCW-related summons to court. Having decided the weather was great for a cruise, Bill Owens decided to...

Columbus: Yet another carjacking victim who couldn't ''drive off''

Columbus' WBNS 10TV on Thursday televised a short report about a Columbus man who was shot during a carjacking. According to the report, the man was shot while standing next to his car in the 3100 block of Maze Rd. in North Columbus, at around 1:30 a.m. early August 14. Initial reports said the victim was wounded in the upper torso and face, and was in critical condition at Riverside Hospital...

REMINDER: Hunt for a Cure - Buckeye Style

Only a little more than a month remains until the Hunt For a Cure Buckeye Style event in central Ohio . OFCC member Debby Westfall is actively involved in the Hunting For a Cure for cystic fibrosis foundation, and is promoting this event in Columbus next month. Let's show the anti-gunners who cares about kids - and gets results!

Online poll asks who is most to blame for delays on HB12

A new survey has been added to the OFCC PAC website, inquiring as to who is most to blame for delays on HB12. Vote in the upper right-hand corner of the home page, or click here . If you haven't already done so, you can still weigh in on whether or not the Gen. Assembly's failure to pass CCW in '03 effect your vote in '04, by clicking here .

Mansfield: Vandals harass woman for her religion

Are the efforts of Bob Taft and the Ohio Highway Patrol putting this victim of hate at further risk? Concrete wrapped in swastika thrown through window MANSFIELD - Helen Avenue resident Ruth Schwan is considering investing in bulletproof glass. Thursday night, just minutes before midnight, someone threw a piece of cement through her dining-room window. Wrapped around it was a piece of white paper...

Buzz-word: ''Diversity'' definitely present among self-defense rights activists

As we continue to examine the fall-out from two intense weeks of activity in Columbus on HB12, one thing has become readily apparent: No Supreme Court ruling is necessary to enforce diversity among supporters of concealed carry reform. Click on the "Read More..." link below for more. Ambush When the news broke of the Senate/Taft plan to severly amend HB12 and pass it out of the Senate in less...

Website Editor: Back in the Saddle

As regular readers know, OFCC PAC's Vice Chairman, Chad Baus, publishes the lion's-share of news articles and opinion pieces on this website. A serious family illness took Baus out of town (and away from the Internet) on what became a definitive weekend for self-defense activists on Ohio. Special thanks to the volunteers who stepped in to post essential stories and updates on this website, and...


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