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Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine calls for arming school employees

by Chad D. Baus Various Ohio media are reporting that advocates who've long been calling for arming our teachers to deter mass murderers and to stop them if they can, have a new ally: Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine (R). From The Columbus Dispatch : Attorney General Mike DeWine said today that Ohio schools should consider arming at least one staffer in their building in case of a shooting...

Independence Day 2012

With the upcoming holiday, let's look at what it might mean to some people…a day off with pay, just a day off, family, friends, cookouts, reunions or just a day to lounge and watch the fireworks. As for me, I think of our Constitution, our founding fathers, our Bill of Rights, our military men and women who are performing their duties to protect our freedom. “FREEDOM”. We say it often, exclaiming...

K.I.D.S© - A Proactive Approach to School Murders

by Ron Borsch EARLY CITIZEN AND LAW ENFORCEMENT OPTIONS Just as we have mistakenly treated the symptoms of a malady instead of the root cause, so too have we failed to adequately address the copycat root problem of Rapid Mass Murder© (1) by an active killer (2) in educational facilities and workplaces. When the shooting starts, the "Final Option" for citizens is to run, hide or fight. An armed...

Ten Threats To Our Ohio Gun Rights In 2011

by Gerard Valentino In order to defend our rights, we have to know who or what threatens them. While there are actually too many threats to mention, as we have for the past five years, we again seek to list some of the more potent threats to our Ohio gun rights. To some degree, all of the threats that were previously listed are still dangerous to our rights. However, some of those threats have...

Is anti-gun Brady Campaign's DeWine endorsement MEANT to help him lose?

By Chad D. Baus (UPDATE: This commentary has been published at ) Since national politics are filled with conspiracy theories these days, I would like to offer up one more theory for them to chew on: Republican Senator Mike DeWine was given an endorsement by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control Inc.) out of a desire for gun controllers to see him lose on...

Senator Mike DeWine makes exclusive Top-10 Anti-Gun US Senator List

Human Events Online, the National Conservative Weekly, has two new Top 10 lists. They are the Top 10 anti-gun US Senators and U.S. Congressmen . Fortunately, none of Ohio congressmen or women made the top 10 list for the US House of Representatives. On the other hand, many Ohioans will not be surprised to learn that Senator Mike DeWine appears on the list of US Senators . Perhaps the only...


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