UC student assaulted near campus; Speaks out about being disarmed by state law

After being violently beaten by a mob of teenagers outside a fraternity house near the University of Cincinnati campus, an engineering student is speaking out about his status as a concealed handgun license (CHL)-holder who has had his right to bear arms for self-defense denied by state law.

From WLWT (NBC Cincinnati):

A UC student who was assaulted by a group of teens near UC’s campus spoke out Monday night.

The student is a fifth-year engineering student, but chose not to be identified.

Four other students who were attacked Saturday night were outside their fraternity house near Clifton Avenue and Clifton Court.

The engineering student jumped in to help and ended up beaten so badly, he had to go to the hospital.

“Little bit scared for my safety at that point,” the student said. "Why would they do that? I didn't understand?"

One of the victims said that the area was usually safe, so the Saturday night assault was very surprising.

The engineering student said he was on his way home from a banquet with his girlfriend when about 10 teenagers started yelling and provoking two other fraternity brothers that were walking on Clifton Avenue toward campus.

“I sort of jumped in just to make sure you know, that nothing bad was going to happen and they just started going to town on all of us, punched and kicked all of us and had us on the ground for about 30 seconds, then they all dispersed and ran off,” the student said.

According to the article, students are saying that with the recent string of assaults on or near campus, they are only walking in big groups. But in this case even a group of five was not enough of a deterrent.

For his part, the disarmed "good Samartian" said while he was grateful to be alive, he won’t take any more chances.

“I'm personally a concealed carried permit holder. I'm not allowed to carry on campus so I'm not going to do that, but at the same time if the university is not going to provide significant resources to provide us the safety we need then at least let me take care of myself with it,” the victim said.

UC police are deploying unarmed "safety ambassadors" in effort to help curb the violence. No, really, they are.

Ohio law prohibits persons licensed to carry a concealed handgun from taking a gun onto campus, other than to store it in their parked car. Thus the many university students who live off campus and walk to class are forced to be defenseless victims as they walk to class through the dangerous urban neighborhoods that surround the campus.

Meanwhile, Rep. Ron Maag's House Bill 231, which would allow college campuses to permit concealed guns on their campuses if they choose to, languishes in committee.

Why does the state of Ohio refuse to recognize the needs of college students to protect themselves? Why is the life of an 21-year-old college student on a campus like OSU's or UC's any less valuable and in need of protection than when she is off-campus? Why are 18-year-olds any less trusted with firearms on college campuses than they are when serving in our armed forces?

This gun control policy continues to result in students being victimized both on and off-campus, and should be repealed immediately.

Chad D. Baus is the Buckeye Firearms Association Secretary, and BFA PAC Vice Chairman.

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