Vote Yes on Issue 1

VOTE YES on Issue 1 - Election Day is TODAY, August 8

The special election to decide Issue 1 is TODAY, Tuesday, Aug. 8.

If you have not already voted, please get out and VOTE YES.

Click here to find your polling location.

Here's what's at stake:

Over a century ago, progressives inserted a loophole into Ohio’s Constitution to allow changes to be made with no statewide consensus. Now deep-pocket, out-of-state billionaires and radical groups can buy their way onto the ballot and attack our basic rights even if half the state disagrees!

The same people who always oppose your gun rights oppose Issue 1. That’s because they have plans to use our state constitution to end-run the legislature and jam gun control down your throat.

Columbus, Cincinnati, Cleveland, and other cities have tried to enact gun control laws for years. And we’ve fought them at every step. The difference now is, they want to bypass the legislature, outflank the state’s preemption laws, and jam gun control into the constitution.

Cleveland Mayor Justin Bibb recently admitted that if Issue 1 fails and Ohio’s Constitution continues to be easy to amend, they will use a ballot initiative to come after your guns.

If they’re able to do that, say goodbye to your gun rights. And say goodbye to your hunting and sportsman rights as well.

That’s why Buckeye Firearms Association supports Issue 1 to bring Ohio into line with 78% of other states that wisely make it harder to amend their constitutions — and that even includes liberal states like New York, Washington, and New Hampshire.

Issue 1 would allow residents of every county to have a say (instead of just half) and would require 60% of voters to approve (instead of 50% plus 1) before making any change to the Ohio Constitution.

Consider this: California frequently changes their constitution — over 500 times since the 1870s. How’s that working out?

Don’t let radicals turn Ohio into California!

Don’t let Soros, Bloomberg, big-city mayors, and other gun grabbers get away with their gun control schemes!

Don’t let them misuse our state constitution to ban common rifles, enact unfair red flag laws, or give cities the right to pass their own patchwork of gun control!



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