Wanted teen breaks park rules/CCW law; shoots self in Columbus park

Complied from news reports by WBNS-TV and NBC4-TV in Columbus.

August 27, 2004

An 18 year old boy, who police say has numerous misdemeanor warrants out for past crimes, accidentally proved the falacy of gun control and rules against firearms in parks Friday.

Police said Andre Rayburn, 18, and his girlfriend were sitting at a picnic table at Krumm Park on the city's northeast side when Rayburn accidentally fired the shot from a pistol he was carrying in his pocket. The teen was hit in his side by the bullet.

Unlicensed possession of a firearm is against the rules of the park, and Rayburn was not old enough to obtain a concealed handgun license, even if he could have qualified.

After piecing together various statements from witnesses, police said that the shooting was accidental and that the shot was fired from a .22-caliber pistol Rayburn was carrying, Garcia reported.

"They just started tussling around in a friendly manner and then the gun went off," Detective James Day said.

Rayburn was in stable condition Thursday night at Grant Medical Center.

Police said they could file charges because Rayburn was not old enough to carry a weapon and because he had the gun in an area that does not allow firearms.

As Ohioans For Concealed Carry has been explaining to stubborn city officials in Clyde, Toledo and other Ohio cities, gun control efforts (including ordinances and signs banning firearms in parks) cannot protect Ohioans from those who care nothing for the rules of our society.

On the other hand, there is absolutely NO evidence that citizens who are trained and licensed to carry firearms for self-defense present ANY threat to fellow citizens in parks, or anywhere else.

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