What boycott? We're doing exactly what posted businesses ask...

Several Ohio newspapers, including the Athens News and Canton Repository, have recently printed follow-up stories regarding local reaction to OFCC's Do Not Patronize While Armed list. Most mistakenly referred to the effort as a "boycott". The following letter has been submitted to each of those publications, and is expected to appear in papers across the state throughout the week.

Concealed-weapon group has not exactly called for a business boycott

Athens News

While we appreciate your coverage of Ohioans For Concealed Carry's effort to inform holders of concealed handgun licenses (CHL) of businesses that are posting "No-Guns" signs, your use of the word "boycott," in quotes, is inaccurate.

This organization has NEVER used the word boycott to describe our efforts to inform CHL-holders that they are not welcome in stores listed on our Do Not Patronize While Armed database.

The purpose of the Do Not Patronize While Armed database is to assist these stores that have expressed their desire to keep license-holders out. We also wish to help CHL-holders know to stay away while armed.

Athens business owners shouldn't be concerned about CHL-holders. What they SHOULD be concerned about is criminals who will ignore their signs.

Just last week, in an Akron Dairy Mart, a criminal bypassed a brand new "No Guns" sign at 10 o'clock in the morning, robbed the store, and pistol-whipped the clerk in front of six customers (who had no doubt honored the signs, and were therefore defenseless). The attacker then calmly exited the store, obviously without fear of being confronted by an armed citizen.

There are no credible studies that show increased dangers to businesses because of concealed carry, yet many studies prove the benefits.

Chad D. Baus, spokesperson
Ohioans For Concealed Carry

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