Headline: Good guy with a gun prevents second beheading in Oklahoma business

The fact that an armed business owner intervened in an attack by shooting a former employee who had already beheaded one worker and was stabbing another has been covered in media reports, but Breitbart.com's headline gives this fact the kind of attention it deserves: " Good guy with a gun prevents second beheading in Oklahoma business " From the article: Fox News reports that the alleged attacker...

After gun owners react, Ohio Constitution "modernization" panel votes to retain right to bear arms language

On August 15, I wrote an article entitled " Obscure commission considers "modernizing" Ohio constitution on right to bear arms ," in which I discussed news (being covered by almost no one) that the Ohio Constitutional Modernization Commission's (OCMC) Bill of Rights and Voting Rights Committee had reversed course on a planned vote to recommend to the full commission that no alterations be made to...

Harvard: Millions of Dollars More For Gun Control

Harvard University’s School of Public Health is set to receive a $350 million donation to study “gun violence” and other “complex health threats challenging the U.S. and the world,” CNN reports. The donation, the largest ever received by the university, is being made by the Morningside Foundation, run by the descendants of Hong Kong real estate tycoon T.H. Chan, for whom the school will be...

Good guys do what must be done

We're surrounded by a world that demands we submit, succumb and believe in nothing. It takes courage to face a world at its worst — knowing what must be done, won't be done unless you do it. It's what Good Guys do. >>> CLICK HERE to join the NRA or renew your membership now . If you know some good guys and gals, get them a gift membership.

Five Things Non-Gun-Owners Don't "Get" About Gun Owners

1. Carrying a Gun Eventually Ceases To Be a Big Deal Many people who don't own guns—for the purposes of this discussion, we'll call them "non-gunners"—have often never even touched a gun. That fact has imbued the inanimate chunk of metal with mystery and undue fear, fear they think must be universal. They don’t understand that to someone who carries daily, a firearm becomes as common as your keys...

Anti-Gun Brady Campaign Caught In Fundraising Scandal

A fundraising email sent out by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence this morning and signed by the organization’s President Dan Gross is attempting to fundraise by claiming credit for sporting goods giant Cabela’s expanded participation a gun safety program started by the National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF) and the ATF more than a dozen years ago. The fundraising email claims: Dear...

Anti-Gun MarketWatch Article in Re-Run Mode

On August 27, MarketWatch.com, supposedly a website for stock market investors, published a cynical article about gun manufacturers and gun ownership, titled 10 Things the Gun Industry Won’t Tell You. In fact, MarketWatch has been running and re-running the same article for months now, just changing the date every so often, to make it appear brand new. MarketWatch apparently isn’t interested in...

BFA's Dean Rieck accepts NRA Top Recruiter Award

On Saturday, September 13, 2014, Dean Rieck (on the right in the photo) accepted the Top Recruiter Award in the "club" category at the NRA Board Meeting in Arlington, VA. The award recognizes Buckeye Firearm Foundation for recruiting 1,637 NRA members in 2013. "I'm honored to accept this award," said Dean, who serves on the BFA Board of Directors. "Our supporters really stepped up and helped us...


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