Cedarville University student has an amazing senior year

Your senior year of college is supposed to be special. The previous years at school should make everything easier. Unless you take up a new challenge, such as starting the collegiate shooting sports competition, suddenly you are a freshman again. That is what Joe Ivancic, who is a Delaware, Ohio native and about to graduate from Cedarville University, did. It was also Cedarville's first year in...

Supreme Court Side-Steps Second Amendment Again

Once again, the U.S. Supreme Court has refused to hear an appeal in a case concerning the Second Amendment and bearing arms for self-defense outside the home. On Monday May 5, without comment, the Court rejected the case of Drake, et al. v. Jerejian . The case challenged New Jersey’s law regarding concealed carry. Under that law, a person applying for a license to carry a concealed firearm must...

Anti-Gunners Tell the States: "Adopt Foreign Gun Laws"

It says a lot about anti-gunners that they like the laws of other countries more than those of the United States. A new book--the foreword of which was written by Michael Bloomberg, and which was edited by anti-gun researchers Daniel Webster and Jon Vernick from the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University--encourages the states to adopt gun control restrictions that have...

Editorial Describes America Through the Eyes of an Anti-Gunner

Well, it's nothing especially new in the realm of anti-gun propaganda, but the Washington Post “Morning Mix” section [recently] reprinted yet another screed by a big city newspaper against U.S. gun culture. The reprinted article followed a template familiar to anyone who is engaged in the gun debate in America. It reminded readers of past highly-publicized gun crimes. It depicted President Obama...

CMP Offers Pistol Small Arms Firing School and Warm-Up Match in July at National Matches

CAMP PERRY, Ohio – Those who have always wanted to try their hands at firing a real M9 Pistol in a safe and relaxed environment are encouraged to attend our Pistol Small Arms Firing School (SAFS), held Monday, July 7, during the Opening Day of the 2014 National Rifle and Pistol Matches at historic Camp Perry. Since the school is structured toward teaching new shooters, no past firearm experience...

NSSF: Polls Show Most Americans See Through the Gun Control Spin

Gun control advocates are often quoted in media accounts as saying that the vast majority of Americans are in favor of stricter gun control laws before they spin off onto the particular “commonsense” new law they are espousing that day from that organization. Leaving aside the often dubious sources they cite, we are in a mid-term election year for Congress and many states have gubernatorial...

Op-Ed: Why New Laws Are an Ineffective Response to Tragedies

To be effective, laws must be targeted at violations that are easily detected. And even then, you'll only deter those who care about the consequences. When horrific crimes hit the headlines, many people quickly demand that government "do something." Blunt instruments that they are, politicians act in really only one way: by writing and rewriting laws. "That'll be the end of that," they say, as...

Chair of Federal "Gun Violence Prevention Task Force" Introduces Wide-Ranging Gun Control Bill

U.S. Rep. Mike Thompson (D-CA-5), chair of the House Gun Violence Prevention Task Force, has introduced what he is calling "the Promoting Healthy Minds for Safer Communities Act of 2014." In truth, the bill is largely composed of gun control measures that mirror and supplement acts being pursued in the states by the likes of Michael Bloomberg and his "Everytown" gun control cabal. After a nod to...


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