USSA: Sportsmen’s Act Stalls in U.S. Senate

Just days after the U.S. Senate voted overwhelmingly to proceed to debate on the bipartisan Sportsmen’s Act of 2014 (S. 2363), the measure hit a roadblock over amendments to the bill. The bill, sponsored by Senators Kay Hagan (D-NC) and Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), counts nearly half the Senate as co-sponsors and contains the top priority issues for the sportsmen’s community, including the USSA...

Court Finds that Terrorist Watchlist Lacks Constitutional Safeguards

Gun owners wary of government overreach in the name of "public safety," take heed. We all agree that laws should seek to keep firearms out of the hands of dangerous people. But the details of these laws are important. Who is considered "dangerous"? What information supports that decision? Who gets to make "dangerousness" determinations and by what standards? Who provides oversight or review of...

Media Promotes Bloomberg Propaganda

A free press is a good thing for America to have. A free press that doesn’t parrot and exaggerate anti-gun propaganda would be even better. For example, take Natalie DiBlasio’s article for USA Today on Wednesday [June 25], titled "More kids die in shootings than statistics show." For starters, the title doesn’t even accurately reflect the article’s content. The article concerns the claim by...

To the Editor: Gun owners often use firearms for protection

The Sentinel-Tribune of Bowling Green has published a letter to the editor written by Buckeye Firearms Association's Chad D. Baus in response to an editorial entitled " Middle ground for gun laws? " In her June 25 editorial, "Middle ground for gun laws?", Jan Larson-McLaughlin writes that "as someone who reads Associated Press stories from across the nation every day, I must say that I can't...

Headline: Concealed-carry group sues Ohio State, says gun ban is too broad

The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that the national Students for Concealed Carry Foundation filed a lawsuit against The Ohio State University in Franklin County Common Pleas Court this week, alleging that the university’s code of conduct violates state law because it bans students from keeping guns in their cars on campus and carrying guns while representing the university off campus. From the...

Harry Reid May Call for Vote on Gun Control Legislation: Says, "We Need Some More Votes"

Gun control activists have recently renewed their efforts to gain ground on Capitol Hill. As we reported this week, they continue to exploit high-profile national tragedies in an attempt to push their anti-gun agenda. They use grieving victims to falsely claim that enacting their “reforms” would have prevented these tragedies. Anti-gun groups sponsored by former New York City Mayor Michael...

Action needed: Pennsylvania attorney general rescinding reciprocity agreements

According to reports from our neighbors to the east, Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane (D) has been busy recently, rescinding her state's reciprocity agreements with other concealed carry states. Pennsylvania no longer honors any non-resident concealed carry license from any state, and Kane seems intent on voiding reciprocity/recognition with as many states as possible. Ohio has never...

Hillary Clinton: Gun Control Opponents Are Terrorists, Not Entitled to Viewpoint

Hillary Clinton hasn’t said that she’s running for the Democrat Party’s 2016 presidential nomination, but lately she’s been going out of her way to make sure that gun owners know what a Hillary presidency would be like for them. On Monday [June 16], during an interview on CNN Newsroom, Mrs. Clinton made clear that at age 66, she still hasn’t outgrown the zealotry of her youth. With anger...


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