2022 BFA-PAC Grades and Endorsements for the Ohio Primary

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Because lawmakers have been struggling to finalize district maps, the Ohio Primary Election for 2022 will be divided into two separate elections: the first on May 3, and the second on August 2.

The May 3 Primary ballot will include federal candidates (U.S. Senate and U.S. House), Ohio statewide candidates (Governor, Attorney General, Auditor of State, Secretary of State, Treasurer of State,) and Judicial candidates (Ohio Supreme Court and other judicial races).

BFA PAC will focus first on the May 3 Primary and postpone grades / endorsements for Ohio House and Senate races until afterward.


  • The following grades and endorsements may not be complete. We will continue to update our grades / endorsements as we collect additional information.
  • ?? generally means the candidate did not submit a survey.
  • "q" after a grade means we have no legislative votes, and we are basing the grade primarily on survey answers.
  • In some races where there are multiple good candidates, we choose to not endorse in a primary.
  • We do not issue grades for judicial candidates. We either endorse or not.

Please help spread the word and encourage your friends and family to vote their gun rights freedoms first!

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U.S. Senate
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
D Morgan Harper ??
D Traci Johnson ??
D Tim Ryan ?? WIN
R Matt Dolan C
R Mike Gibbons Aq
R Josh Mandel A
R Neil Patel ??
R Mark Pukita ??
R Jane Timken Aq
R JD Vance Aq WIN
U.S. House
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
1 D Greg Landsman ?? WIN
1 R Steve Chabot A Endorsed WIN
1 R Jenn Giroux ??
2 D Alan Darnowsky ??
2 D Samantha Meadows ?? WIN
2 R James Condit Jr. ??
2 R Brad Wenstrup A Endorsed WIN
2 R David Windisch ??
3 D Joyce Beatty F WIN
3 R Lee Stahley ?? WIN
4 D Jeffrey Sites ??
4 D Tamie Wilson ??
4 R Jim Jordan A+ WIN
5 D Martin Heberling ??
5 D Craig Swartz ?? WIN
5 R Bob Latta A Endorsed WIN
6 D Martin Alexander ??
6 D Eric Jones ??
6 D Lou Lyras ?? WIN
6 D Shawna Roberts ??
6 R John Anderson Aq
6 R Bill Johnson A Endorsed WIN
6 R Michael Morgenstern ??
6 R Gregory Zelenitz ??
7 D Matthew Diemer ?? WIN
7 D Patrick Malley ??
7 D Tristan Rader ??
7 R Anthony Leon Alexander ??
7 R Charlie Gaddis Aq
7 R Max Miller Aq WIN
7 R Jonah Schulz Aq
8 D Vanessa Enoch ?? WIN
8 R Warren Davidson A Endorsed WIN
8 R Phil Heimlich ??
9 D Marcy Kaptur ?? WIN
9 R Beth Deck ??
9 R Theresa Gavarone A
9 R J.R. Majewski Aq WIN
9 R Craig Riedel A
10 D Kirk Benjamin ??
10 D David Esrati ?? WIN
10 D Jeff Hardenbrook ??
10 D Bexter Stapleton ??
10 R Michael Turner ?? WIN
11 D Shontel Brown ?? WIN
11 D Nina Turner ??
11 R Eric Brewer ?? WIN
11 R James Hemphill ??
12 D Amy Rippel Elton ?? WIN
12 D Michael Fletcher ??
12 R Troy Balderson A Endorsed WIN
12 R Brandon Lape Aq
13 D Aaron Paul Godfrey ??
13 D John Anthony Impellizzeri ??
13 D Eric Scott Jones ??
13 D Matt Kilboy ??
13 D Emilia Sykes F WIN
13 R Madison Gesiotto Gilbert Aq WIN
13 R Shay Hawkins Aq
13 R Santana F. King ??
13 R Janet Folger Porter Aq
13 R Dante Sabatucci Aq
13 R Ryan Saylor ??
13 R Gregory Wheeler Aq
14 D Matt Kilboy ?? WIN
14 R Patrick Awtrey Aq
14 R Bevin Cormack ??
14 R Matthew Fredrickson ??
14 R David Joyce A Endorsed
14 R Jill Eaton Simms ??
15 D Gary Josephson ?? WIN
15 D Danny O'Connor ??
15 R Mike Carey A Endorsed WIN
Governor/Lt. Governor
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
D John Cranley/Teresa Fedor F
D Nan Whaley/Cheryl Stephens F WIN
R Joe Blystone/Jeremiah Workman Aq
R Mike DeWine/Jon Husted B WIN
R Ron Hood/Candice Keller A
R Jim Renacci/Joe Knopp A
Attorney General
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
D Jeff Crossman ?? WIN
R Dave Yost A Endorsed WIN
Secretary of State
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
D Chelsea Clark ?? WIN
R John Adams A
R Frank LaRose A Endorsed WIN
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
D Scott Schertzer ?? WIN
R Robert Sprague A Endorsed WIN
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
D Taylor Sappington ?? WIN
R Keith Faber A Endorsed WIN
Chief Justice Supreme Court
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
D Jennifer Brunner WIN
R Sharon Kennedy Endorsed WIN
Justice Supreme Court
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
D Terri Jamison WIN
D Marilyn Zayas WIN
R Pat DeWine Endorsed WIN
R Pat Fischer Endorsed WIN
Court of Appeals
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
5 R Craig Baldwin Endorsed WIN
5 R Jeff Furr Aq
5 R Andrew King Aq Endorsed WIN
5 D Earle Wise Endorsed WIN
11 R Sarah Thomas Kovoor Aq Endorsed
11 R Eugene Lucci Aq
Common Pleas Court
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
Franklin R Jessica Barwell Aq WIN
Franklin R Michael Holbrook Bq WIN
Franklin R Don Roberts Bq WIN
Juvenile Court Judge
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
Butler R Daniel Phillips Bq Endorsed WIN
County Commissioner
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
Franklin R Luis Gil Bq WIN
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
Franklin R Jarrod Golden Aq WIN
Geauga R Diane Grendell A Endorsed
Hamilton R Tom Brinkman B WIN
District Party Name Grade Endorsement
Darke R Mark Ater A Endorsed
Darke R Mark Whittaker A WIN

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