BFA PAC Announces 2020 Primary Grades and Endorsements

The Buckeye Firearms Association PAC has released grades and endorsements for the 2020 Ohio primary election.

Because there are hundreds of candidates and the process of evaluating them is labor intensive, the Endorsement Committee is focusing first on contested races. Then they will move on to other races.

Click here to see our current grades and endorsements.

Everyone always says “every vote counts” and that “every election matters.” However, this is true. And it is especially true this year because of the strident and open contempt we are seeing from so many candidates.

If you are not registered to vote, get registered. If you are frustrated and angry about what you're hearing from some candidates, be sure to vote both in the primary and in the general election. And don't just vote for the big races; cast votes from top to bottom on your ballot in every race for every office. The big races matter, but the smaller races matter too. The candidates who fill lower offices become the "farm team" for higher offices in the years to come.

You get the government you deserve because it is within your power to vote in every election and make your voice heard ... or stay home and let others decide your future.

There are 4 million gun owners in Ohio and if they all voted with their Second Amendment rights in mind, we could assure victory in every election for candidates who respect the Constitution and our rights.

The future of our country and our rights is literally in our hands with every election. Those who seek to rob you of your rights will go to the polls and vote. That's why every gun owner should vote in every election.

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