PODCAST: Columbus Reveals Scheme to Regulate Guns Through Board Of Health

The Keep and Bear Radio podcast is hosted on Podbean and is also available on Apple , Google , Spotify , iHeartRadio and many other platforms. Make sure to subscribe to the podcast to hear every episode. How to Listen to Podcasts on Your Mobile Phone *** Episode 65: It's not unusual for politicians and activists to say that guns or gun violence is a public health crisis, but Columbus, Ohio, city...

Columbus Reveals Scheme to Regulate Guns Through Board Of Health

Click here to listen to our podcast on this topic . The Ohio Legislature has made it crystal clear that it wants ONE set of consistent firearm laws across the state, and it has specifically forbidden municipalities from regulating guns in any manner. However, even though the state's "preemption" law, spelled out in Ohio Revised Code 9.68 , has been in force since March 2007 and was further...

Anti-gun Press Parrots Misleading Stats and Creates Outright Falsehoods

As NRA-ILA recently pointed out, gun control researchers and their establishment press lapdogs propagate misleading “science” to advance their political agenda. Sometimes this involves sophisticated statistical modeling, other times it involves the crude mischaracterization of data. The anti-gun advocates’ longest-running version of the latter involves conflating firearm-related deaths among...

Recent articles on Ohio gun thefts exposes fallacy of "universal" background checks

Every time a violent mentally-ill person chooses to use a firearm to carryout a mass killing, gun control extremists are quick to attempt to take advantage of the emotional aftermath with a renewed push for their pet legislation, even though, in almost every instance, nothing that they propose would have prevented the attack they're attempting to exploit. Such is the case in the wake of the...

2 BFA-Supported Bills Pass: HB 99 for School Security and SB 156 for Knife Preemption - Both Headed to Governor

On Wednesday, June 1, 2022, the Ohio Senate passed House Bill 99 with a vote of 23-9. The House then passed the bill on concurrence 56-34. The bill now heads to the Governor's desk for his signature. Also with much less fanfare or debate, the Ohio House passed Senate Bill 156 with a vote of 57-32 to give knives the same "preemption" protection currently enjoyed by firearms. This bill also heads...

BFA Testifies in Favor of HB 99 for Local Control of School Security - Bill Passed Out of Committee

On Tuesday, May 31, 2022, Buckeye Firearms Association presented testimony in the Senate Veterans and Public Safety Committee supporting HB 99 to expressly exempt persons authorized to go armed within a school safety zone from a requirement to complete extensive peace officer basic training and return authority over security to local school boards. The bill was amended to include annual criminal...


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