Sen. Terry Johnson Introduces Constitutional Carry Bill SB 215

On August 5, 2021, Senator Terry Johnson introduced Senate Bill 215 to bring Constitutional Carry to Ohio.

SB 215 will not eliminate Ohio's licensing system, but will make the license optional for those who prefer to have a license, or who wish to carry in other states that recognize Ohio's license.

"Ohioans have proven themselves to be overwhelmingly law-abiding over the past 17 years since concealed carry became law," said Dean Rieck, BFA Executive Director. "And Ohio is ready to join the 21 other states that now permit concealed carry without a license."

Currently, 34 states allow open carry without a license, and 21 states allow concealed carry without a license. In all, 75% of the country makes it legal to carry openly, concealed, or both, without a license. None of these states have seen an increase in crime or accidents, despite the fear mongering of gun control advocates.

SB 215 does NOT change the rules for use of lethal force, and it does NOT change the locations where Ohioans may legally carry a firearm. It simply gives law-abiding citizens the option to carry a handgun with or without a license.

In addition, the bill eliminates the duty to "promptly" notify a law enforcement officer when carrying a firearm. This is another fix to Ohio gun law that is overdue because of the confusion over what "promptly" means.

Co-sponsors include Sen. Louis Blessing, Sen. Frank Hoagland, Sen. Stephen Huffman, Sen. George Lang, Sen. Rob McColley, Sen. Mark Romanchuk, Sen. Michael Rulli, and Sen. Tim Schaffer.

Buckeye Firearms Association fully supports both Constitutional Carry and removing the duty to inform, and we urge the legislature to move this bill.

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