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Op-ed: Bob Costas interrupts football game to bash American gun owners

Editor's Note: This article originally appeared as an op-ed on The Daily Caller . by Chris Cox When celebrities and media personalities attempt to plumb the depths of our social consciousness, the result is rarely pretty. Such was the case Sunday night when NBC sportscaster Bob Costas shamelessly tried to capitalize on the recent and tragic murder-suicide involving the NFL's Jovan Belcher to...

Ohio: Comprehensive Pro-Gun Reform Legislation Remains Stalled

Election season has concluded and Ohioans are fortunate to have elected and re-elected numerous pro-gun candidates who will lead the state in protecting our Second Amendment rights during the 2013-2014 legislative session. However, our legislative agenda for this year is not complete. House Bill 495, an important pro-gun reform bill that would address several problems with current Ohio gun laws,...

The choice is clear: Elect a President on the side of freedom

by Linda Walker This fall, anticipation is high as hunting season gets underway. All across this nation, Americans are heading out to enjoy one of the deepest heritages in our land's history - hunting with family and friends. But this fall is one of the most anticipated in decades for another reason. It's election season, and the November election has just about everything on the line for gun...

NRA-PVF: "Defend Freedom, Boot Brown"

The NRA-PVF is working hard to educate voters on Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown in advance of the Nov. 6 election. Ask Sherrod Brown: Why Does He Oppose Your Freedoms? Sure, Sherrod Brown may say he supports your Second Amendment rights. But don't be fooled. Sherrod Brown can't be trusted to protect our rights and freedoms. Judge Sherrod Brown based on his record. And the record is clear. Sherrod...

Voter guide updated with NRA Congressional endorsements

Many people have written to ask about endorsements for U.S. Congress. Our Custom Voter Guide now returns information on all Ohio Congressional candidates. Following the many votes and procedural actions in Washington D.C. has become extremely time consuming. With limited resources, we didn't feel that we could do the job with the expertise and knowledge that we feel is necessary to make grades...

Rumor Control: U.N. ATT and POA, Bad but Different

The latest rumor making its way through the darker corners of the internet is an inaccurate spin on the U.N.'s never-ending mission to disarm the American people. The rumors vary, but some have wrongly claimed that the U.S. has secretly adopted a U.N. Arms Trade Treaty, subjecting Americans to the schemes of U.N. gun controllers. The confusion stems from a misunderstanding of the differences...

DOJ "Fast and Furious" Report Hits Hard--But Pulls Punches on Holder

The Department of Justice Inspector General's report on the "Fast and Furious" scandal was released this week, and while it found 14 officials from the department and its Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco Firearms and Explosives responsible for the reckless program, it failed, unfortunately, to hold Attorney General Eric H. Holder, Jr. responsible for the actions of those under his supervision. The...

NRA Board Member Linda Walker on the role Ohio will play in the upcoming elections

Recently, Executive Producer of NRA News John Popp talked to NRA Board Member Linda Walker from Buckeye Firearms Association about the upcoming elections, and challenges facing gun owners in Ohio. Click here to learn about how YOU can help Ohio elect pro-gun candidates!


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