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Ohio House committees hear TEN gun rights-related bills this week; Buckeye Firearms Assoc. offers testimony

by Chad D. Baus A total of ten gun rights-related bills are being heard in committee this week - four of which are gun control bills. On Tuesday, Buckeye Firearms Association leaders offered testimony on two bills - HB 203 (Concealed Carry & Self-Defense Law Reform) and HB 234 (Allow Noise Suppressors While Hunting). A substitute bill was offered for HB 203 - click here to download . The...

To the Editor: Ohio needs to enact Stand Your Ground laws

The following letter to the editor of the Cleveland Plain Dealer was published last week. The letter does an excellent job of addressing the supposed racial aspects of certain self-defense laws. It is apparent elected officials and anti pro-rights groups in the state of Ohio are in an uproar regarding the implementation of Stand Your Ground. These individuals fear more people will be gunned down...

GunsandAmmo.com ranks Ohio low among gun-rights friendly states

by Chad D. Baus Friends and acquaintances in political circles who are unfamiliar with our state's gun laws are often surprised by my lack of absolute zeal for the Ohio Republican Party. To them, the Republicans are the pro-gun rights party, Democrats are the anti-gun rights party, and that is the end of the discussion. For gun owners, however, especially ones who follow the matter closely, there...

HB 203 (Concealed Carry & Self-Defense Law Reform) scheduled for second hearing in House

Chairman Mike Dovilla has announced that the Policy and Legislative Oversight Committee will be hearing proponent testimony on Representative Terry Johnson's (R-McDermott) HB 203 next Tuesday, October 29 at 10:00 a.m. in Statehouse Room 115. This will be the second hearing for this important bill. Chairman Dovilla has indicated that a substitute bill may be offered. Any persons who are interested...

Cincinnati.com online poll shows overwhelming support for pending gun rights legislation, opposition to gun control

by Chad D. Baus A Cincinnati.com interactive online poll , open since July, reveals overwhelming support for pending legislation that would improve or restore rights for gun owners in Ohio, while at the same time reveals massive opposition to proposed gun control.

Kentucky boy buys & brings gun to "no-guns" high school; Media fret about where he met the seller

by Chad D. Baus On Friday, October 11, a 15 year-old Kentucky boy brought a pistol to his high school. According to media reports, the boy never pulled the gun, but instead showed it to other students about two hours before Friday night's homecoming game. The boy's friends quickly informed their coaches and he surrendered the weapon and ammunition to school officials with no dispute. Several days...

Portman To White House: U.S. Will Not Be Bound By U.N. Arms Trade Treaty

Washington, D.C., October 15, 2013 – Today, U.S. Senator Rob Portman joined a bipartisan group of 50 U.S. Senators, including Senators Jerry Moran (R-Kan.), Joe Manchin (D-W. Va.) and Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.), in reiterating to President Obama that the Senate overwhelmingly opposes the ratification of the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) and will not be bound by its obligations. "The U.S. cannot and will...

Ohio Considers Self-Defense Law Changes

Editor's Note: - The following "Law You Can Use" Consumer Information Column, written by Buckeye Firearms Association Legal Chair Ken Hanson, is being provided by the Ohio State Bar Association to news outlets across the state. It has already been published at Akron.com . Q: I've been hearing about "stand-your-ground" laws in the news. What does Ohio law say about using lethal force in a self-...


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