Defense Walks Make History in Ohio

Defense Walks Make History

PLEASE NOTE: From mid-2002 through mid-2005, the Buckeye Firearms Association operated under the name OFCC PAC.

In the Fall of 2003, after an Ohio Supreme Court decision that upheld a 150-year-old ban on concealed carry, local organizers in several Ohio cities began holding 'Defense' Walks, at which local activists interested in protesting Governor Bob Taft's obstruction of concealed carry legislative reform "openly carry" their sidearms on a walk through the neighborhood.

'Defense' Walks offered a "visual display" of the choice Ohioans and legislators had before them as a result of the Supreme Court ruling: open carry, with no training, background checks or "defenseless victim" zones, as was current law; OR a more subtle form of exercising the right to self-defense - concealed carry, as would eventually be made law with passage of House Bill 12. The Ohio Supreme Court had upheld the practice of "open carry" in Klein v. Leis. These walks demonstrated to Republican leaders who had been obstructing the legislation in the name of "party solidarity", as Ohio Sen. Carnes put it, that Ohioans were ready and willing to exercise their fundamental right to bear arms for self-defense by carrying firearms openly.

Following are links to success stories from past 'Defense' Walks:

September 28, 2003 -

Cincinnati: For 2 hours, Cincy's Northside was ''Safest Neighborhood in the State''

October 12, 2003 -

Gahanna: Columbus-area open carry 'Defense' Walk ''couldn't have gone better''

Lima: Lima open carry 'Defense' Walk brings record turnout

Xenia: Dayton-area open carry 'Defense' Walk earns ''thumbs up'' from locals

October 19, 2003 -

Lorain: Cleveland-area 'Defense' Walk ''total success!''

Manchester: Tony Gordon Memorial 'Defense' Walk ''the most emotional of them all''

Swanton: Toledo-Area 'Defense' Walkers welcomed in Swanton with ''honks, waves & smiles"

November 1, 2003 -

Youngstown: Youngstown Walkers make new friends, but not with the Chief

November 2, 2003 -

Alliance: Alliance open carry 'Defense' Walk HUGE contrast to neighboring Youngstown

Findlay: Findlay Courier: They'll tote guns to make a point

November 8, 2003 -

Norwood: Norwood 'Defense' Walkers ''show Bob Taft who's boss''

November 12, 2003 -

Columbus: Statehouse 'Defense' Walk brings big numbers to Columbus!

November 16, 2003 -

Columbus: Wilmington 'Defense' Walkers unfazed by cold

November 29, 2003 -

Ashtabula: Supporters of Ohio House Bill 12 rally in Ashtabula

November 30, 2003 -

Bexley: Governor's Mansion Defense Walk: ''No Wonder He Doesn't Care''

December 7, 2003 -

Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day 'Defense' Walks in Perrysburg, Springfield and Clifton (Cincinnati)

December 20, 2003 -

Self-defense ambassadors bring good will to Vermilion

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