ACTION ALERT: Say NO to Illegal Columbus Gun Control Laws

Despite a court issuing a "stay" in Columbus' lawsuit against the State of Ohio over firearm preemption law, city leaders appear ready to move forward to pass gun control laws. They have called yet another hearing for Monday, Dec. 5, where it is possible they will vote on and pass laws to ban magazines of 30 or more rounds and mandate gun storage requirements in the home, among other ordinances...

Self-Defense and the Firearms Safety Rules

According to Webster’s dictionary, a rule is: 1) A prescribed guide for conduct or action; 2) An accepted procedure, custom, or habit; 3) A regulation or bylaw governing procedure or controlling conduct. Rules are meant to be followed and violating them is supposed to have serious consequences. Recently, several of my fellow firearms instructors and I have been engaged in a discussion over the...

BREAKING: House Passes BFA-Supported SB 185 to Limit Government Power During Emergencies

On Thursday, Dec. 1, 2022, the Ohio House passed Senate Bill 185 , sponsored by Senator Tim Schaffer, on a 55 to 22 vote. Earlier in the day, the House Government Oversight Committee passed the bill 8-5, sending it to the House floor. SB 185 seeks to prevent state and local governments from infringing on Second Amendment rights and key hunting, fishing, and trapping activities during declared...

Training for Reality

When you go shooting, what do you use for your target? I know when I was growing up we used whatever we could find—bottles, cans, cardboard boxes, pieces of wood, etc. Paper targets were expensive in those days when a 50-round box of .22 LR ammunition cost 30¢ or less. In the rural part of Michigan where I grew up there was hardly a roadside traffic sign that was not riddled with bullet holes—not...


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