Firearms Bills in the 135th General Assembly

Bills We Support
Bills We Oppose
Bills Under Review

Ohio has 2-year legislative sessions. The current session began on Jan. 1, 2023, and will end at midnight on Dec. 31, 2024. Bills introduced during a session must be passed before the end of the session.

Previous Sessions:
134th General Assembly

Bills We Support

These are bills which, as currently written, reduce firearm regulations and expand Second Amendment rights.

HB 51 - ENACT THE SECOND AMENDMENT PRESERVATION ACT (Sponsors: Mike Loychik, Jean Schmidt) To add additional protections to the right to bear arms, to remove federal firearms law references from the state firearms control law, and to declare an emergency.

HB 186 - EXEMPT FIREARM SAFETY DEVICES FROM SALES TAX (Sponsors: Darnell Brewer, Sean Brennan) To exempt from sales and use tax sales of firearm safety devices.

HB 189 / SB 124 - EXEMPT FIREARMS AND AMMUNITION FROM SALES TAX (Sponsors: Al Cutrona / Tim Schaffer) To exempt from the sales and use tax the sale of certain firearms and ammunition and to authorize nonrefundable tax credits for small arms and ammunition manufacturers.

SB 32 - PROVIDE CIVIL IMMUNITY FOR SELF DEFENSE FOR NONPROFITS (Sponsor: Tim Schaffer) To grant civil immunity to a person who acts in self-defense or to protect the members or guests of a nonprofit corporation under certain circumstances.

SB 58 - PROHIBIT REQUIRING FIREARMS LIABILITY INSURANCE (Sponsors: Terry Johnson, Theresa Gavarone) To prohibit requiring fees or firearms liability insurance for the possession of firearms, or fees for the possession of knives.

SB 148 - PROHIBIT TRACKING RETAIL FIREARM PURCHASES (Sponsor: Terry Johnson) To prohibit financial institutions from tracking firearms purchases and to prohibit government entities from maintaining a registry of firearms or firearm owners.

SJR 2 - REQUIRE A 60% VOTE TO APPROVE ANY CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT (Sponsors: Rob McColley, Theresa Gavarone) *** PASSED - WILL APPEAR ON AUGUST 8, 2023, BALLOT AS ISSUE 1 *** To protect constitutional rights by requiring a vote of at least 60% of the electors to approve any amendment to the Ohio constitution.

Bills We Oppose

These are bills which, as currently written, increase firearm regulations and infringe Second Amendment rights.

HB 62 - ROLL BACK STAND YOUR GROUND AND REIMPOSE A DUTY TO RETREAT (Sponsor: Latyna Humphrey) To roll back stand your ground legislation and limit no duty to retreat to a person's home and vehicle only, and to allow courts to consider the possibility of retreat as a factor in cases of self-defense.

HB 170 - ENACT EXTREME RISK PROTECTION ORDER (Sponsors: Michele Grim, Cecil Thomas) To allow family members, household members, and law enforcement officers to obtain a court order that seizes a person's firearms based on an accusation of that person posing a danger to themselves or others.

HB 175 - REQUIRE FIREARMS TO BE LOCKED UP (Sponsors: Jessica Miranda, Darnell Brewer) To require firearms be locked up or rendered inoperable and use taxpayer money to purchase locking devises.

HB 217 - REQUIRE GUN TRIGGER LOCKS (Sponsors: Anita Somani, Cecil Thomas) To require that gun trigger locks be attached and provided with firearms sales by federally licensed firearms dealers.

HB 218 / SB 78 - REPEAL STATEWIDE PREEMPTION (Sponsors: Darnell Brewer, Terrence Upchurch / Hearcel Craig, Catherine Ingram) To repeal ORC 9.68 in its entirety and give every city, village, and township the ability to enforce their own set of firearm laws and create a patchwork of laws around the state.

Bills Under Review

These are bills which we are reviewing or which are under active revision.

HB 233 - ENACT THE SELF-DEFENSE PROTECTION ACT (Sponsors: Josh Williams, Brett Hudson Hillyer) To create a pretrial procedure for a person asserting self-defense, defense of another, or defense of that person's property.

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