Ohio Gun Legislation Guide

Buckeye Firearms Association maintains a vigilant watch on gun legislation in Ohio. As legislation is introduced in the Ohio House or Senate, we will evaluate it and post information here.


133rd General Assembly: (2019-2020)

Click here for a complete list of firearms bills in the current Ohio General Assembly. 

Articles/status updates addressing some (but not all) of the bills under consideration this session:

---House Bill 178--- 

---House Bill 240--- 

---House Bill 354--- 

---House Bill 381--- 

---House Bill 425--- 

---House Bill 646--- 

---House Bill 647--- 

---House Bill 658--- 

---Senate Bills 62, 63, 64 & 65--- 

---Senate Bill 182---

---Senate Bill 183--- 

---Senate Bill 202--- 

---Senate Bill 203--- 

---Senate Bill 221--- 

---Senate Bill 223--- 

---Senate Bill 237--- 

---Senate Bill 317--- 

---Senate Bill 360--- 

---Senate Bill 383--- 

Bills which have become law this session:

----House Bill 86/Senate Bill 53---

----House Bill 197---

---House Bill 614--- 


132nd General Assembly: (2017-2018)

----Senate Bill 81---

----House Bill 228---

131st General Assembly: (2015-2016)
----Senate Bill 199 (w/ HB 48/SB 180)---
----House Bill 64----
130th General Assembly:( 2013-2014)
----House Bill 234 (w/ HB 203/HB 191/SB 338)----
129th General Assembly:( 2011-2012)
----Senate Bill 17----
----House Bill 54----
----House Bill 495----
128th General Assembly (2009-2010)
----House Bill 1----
----Senate Bills 239 & 247----
127th General Assembly (2007-2008)
----House Bill 238----
----Senate Bill 184 (w/ HB 264)----
----House Bill 450----
----House Bill 473/ Senate Bill 209----
126th General Assembly (2005-2006)
----House Bill 9----
----House Bill 296----
----House Bill 347----
----House Bill 367----

PLEASE NOTE: From mid-2002 through mid-2005, the Buckeye Firearms Association operated under the name OFCC PAC.

125th General Assembly (2003-2004)
----House Bill 12----
124th General Assembly (2001-2002)
----House Bill 274----

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